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VCs may not know how to trade stocks, but they also make money

This article is from WeChat official account:Dongsi Shitiao Capital (ID: DsstCapital) span> , author: Zheng Xuan, the original title: “VC / PE hold on to the stock? Sequoia and Gao Rong made an extra 10 billion U.S. dollars by taking PDD. The head picture comes from: “Wall Street” Some time ago, the B station was listed for the second time, and the fact that VC could not hold the stock.. Read More

The US version of the “Official Account” inspired by WeChat is actually worth 650 million US dollars?

This article is from WeChat official account:Geek Park (ID: geekpark) , author: Shen Han know, editor: Jingyu, the original title: “inspired by the micro-channel version of the American” public number “, how will the value of the $ 650 million? “, the head picture comes from: Visual China Recently, foreign media have been discussing one thing: Is Newsletter recovering again? Actually if you open the mailbox. You will find promotional.. Read More

Coinbase plans to go public, the price of Bitcoin breaks through $63,000; Chinese women’s football advances to the Tokyo Olympics

Good morning, wake up, let’s take a look at what news happened in the world last night. As the world’s largest digital currency exchange plans to go public, the price of Bitcoin broke through $63,000: Coinbase intends to go public [Bitcoin price hits a new high, breaking through US$63,000] The price of bitcoin has reached a new high, exceeding US$63,000. The reason for the big increase is mainly because.. Read More

Interview with Liu Jinlong, head of commercial aerospace at NI Asia Pacific: Are there many satellites in the sky?

There are more than 4000 satellites in orbit around the world. Are there too many satellites in the sky? Why build a low-orbit satellite Internet? Will satellites be used in future communications? Where are the opportunities and challenges for building a satellite Internet? News ( reporters recently interviewed Liu Jinlong, head of the commercial aerospace industry in the Asia-Pacific region of NI in Shanghai. Liu Jinlong has 16 years of.. Read More

The box office password in the short video

A multiple-choice question, which of the following film producers release materials that make you more eager to go to the movies? A: Story posters pasted on the advertising column in movie theaters and on the road B: movie stills and news about the press conference in the newspaper C: discussion of movie topics on social networks and Weibo hot searches D: Analysis of the UP master of the movie and.. Read More

Real estate financing environment is tightened across the board: the total financing of 40 real estate companies fell 19% in the first quarter

Since 2021, the new “three red lines” financing regulations have been superimposed on the “two red lines” housing loan concentration management policy, and both ends of the financing supply and demand of housing companies have been restricted, and the financing environment for housing companies can be described as tightening across the board. On April 13, the “Top 40 Typical Housing Companies Financing Interest Rate List in the First Quarter” published.. Read More

Can Japan not cheat others?

This article is from WeChat official account:Earth Knowledge Bureau (ID: diqiuzhishiju) , author: Dmitry, from the title figure: vision China According to the Kyodo News Agency of Japan, on the morning of April 13, local time, the Japanese government officially decided to discharge radioactive waste water from the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant into the ocean, with a water volume of more than 1 million tons. Although the Japanese government.. Read More

Women’s variety shows shouldn’t be “actress” shows

This article is from WeChat official account:NorthPark (ID: northpark2018) , author: A bell, editor: Kimura week extension, the original title: “too many female variety, variety and too few women,” drawing from the head: “listen said Tuesday” The superficial “feminine expression” As the sub-categories are fully or even over-exploited, the subculture competition-type variety show that lasted for three or four years seems to have come to an end. In the past.. Read More

No deposit after 00, but a will has been made

When we talked about death, we were also curious about what it means. New Weekly (ID:: new-weekly) herein from the micro-channel public number , Author: Wang, the head of FIG. : “Game of Thrones Season 5” What does it mean to stand at thirty? A new interpretation is that the “li” established at thirty is the establishment of a will. Some time ago, a news article about “18-year-old girl making.. Read More

The richest man in Shenyang earned 30.1 billion from selling bread

In the two years since Wu Zhigang’s retirement, Taoli Bread’s performance has fluctuated significantly. Also in the past two years, the actual controller Wu Zhigang’s family has cashed in a total of 3.633 billion yuan through stock reduction. Author: Lei Yanpeng, Editor: Liu Xiao Ying, head Figure from: Vision China After retiring from the Sanchi podium at the age of 60, he started his own business selling bread. Twenty years.. Read More