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After the Lingang Free Trade Zone, Pudong has no suburbs since then.

Pudong, no more suburbs. Editor’s note: This article is from Really called Lu Jun (ID: zhenjiaolujun0426), author Really called Lu Jun team, authorized to reprint Yesterday, Lingang and other long-awaited free trade zone official announcement, but unexpectedly, in addition to a bunch of free trade zone policy package, which is also mixed Involving the property market policy, the main points are basically these: You also know that the Shanghai property.. Read More

The acquisition of Fox is lower than expected, and how does the glory-added Disney return?

From the financial report, Disney’s revenue and net profit were lower than market expectations. After the release of the financial report, Disney’s share price fell 5%. On August 7, Disney, the entertainment empire company, released its earnings report for the new quarter. As a highly profitable company, Disney’s earnings report rarely disappoints investors. From the financial report, Disney’s revenue and net profit were lower than market expectations. After the release.. Read More

Confessions of an 11-year dealer: In 1 year, I closed 3 stores

In 2019, the “war” of the new retail and digital transformation finally “burned” into the home furnishing industry, and the different participants in it were unable to escape and could only face the violent turmoil. Starting in the [New Retail Business Review] public account, dictation: old, finishing: Zhang Weijun, Li Jianhua In 2019, the news of dealers’ withdrawals from various building materials stores, including the old dealers who have been.. Read More

From dance to fitness, Zumba Zumba’s party gym

Outside the ruthless training ground, Zumba Zumba leads the party gym. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “GymSquare refining” (ID: GymSquare), author Xue Ying. If the dance is also considered as one of the main fitness methods, Zumba Zumba is the best representative: no equipment requirements, no exercise threshold ,Happy South American music and bright Latin style, but there are non-negligible fat burning performance. Dynamic dance in.. Read More

The main name of the B station is squatted: IP disputes frequently occur, how does the Red River Lake in the short video era hedge?

Net Red Survival Guide Series Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “short video staff” (ID: viiideo), the author Gu Gu (gugu10101), please contact the original author. The original topic “Intellectual Property Disputes Frequently, How Does the Red River Lake in the Short Video Era Avoid Risk?” 》 A few days ago, the well-known upstairs, Jing Hanqing, sent a video about the true story that he was experiencing… Read More

Can’t pay for knowledge?

For the knowledge payment platform and products, the sinking direction is still a blue ocean, which has huge market potential and imagination. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Heck Finance”(ID:haikecaijing), author Fan Dongcheng. Yes, what I am going to write next is a comment. If you are right, don’t hesitate to read it. Talk about paying for knowledge. What is knowledge paid? In a word, the question.. Read More

2019 Android mobile phone report: Huawei sinks to third-tier cities, users account for OV

At present, the headphone brand market is stable, and the loyalty of mobile phone users of all brands has improved compared with the previous quarter. Recently, a big data launch “2019 Android Smartphone Report”, from the market overview, user change behavior, user portraits and other perspectives on the main Android phone brand insight. According to the report, the current headphone brand market is stable, Huawei, OPPO and VIVO are in.. Read More