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Comet Evening News | Samsung Note10 series mobile phone release; Netease cloud music users broke 800 million; Lejia apartment collapsed unable to repay arrears

The differentiated competition of Netease Cloud Music has worked. Big company The number of NetEase cloud music users has exceeded 800 million, a 50% increase over the previous year It was learned that Netease’s second-quarter earnings analysts’ conference call revealed that the current total number of Netease cloud music users increased by 50% year-on-year. At the same time, the number of paid active members increased by 135% year-on-year. NetEase Cloud.. Read More

After 7 years of collision and harvest, how did Gobi capture the “invisible champion” of B?

After 17 years of growth and 7 years of collision and harvesting, Gobi Ventures has found an “invisible champion” suitable for itself in the overlapping range of “high liquidity”, “scaleable” and “imaginary space”. For the 17-year-old Gobi Ventures, a sense of excitement in the to C era is constantly emerging. As the growth rate of mobile Internet declines, investors and entrepreneurs are scrambling to go to the battlefield of the.. Read More

Millions of annual salary dug a P8 programmer, is it a “parallel imports”?

To sum up, he is not a parallel P8, I am a parallel CEO? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “InfoQ” (ID: infoqchina) , author Tang Xiaozhi. The new building moved into a startup company. The boss greeted the fruit basket and went upstairs to visit. He said that he had just received the investor’s money and was preparing to expand the team. At that time, he.. Read More

Why are giants always platforms?

The history of business development from pipeline to platform, from current value to stereo value matrix. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Hua Ying Capital” (ID: MeridianCapital), author He Lixin. Go out in the morning to call a drop, lunch habitually hungry, weekend trips through airbnb’s homestay experience human experience… Internet platform incorporates the breath of our lives. These companies themselves don’t even have a car, a.. Read More

Forefront | Samsung and Microsoft strategic alliance, targeting not just Apple

All parties are trying to get through the mobile and PC to achieve ecological integration. The competition between mobile phone manufacturers is now at a new level. At the Samsung Galaxy Note 10 conference on August 8, Samsung and Microsoft announced the strategic alliance. Samsung Electronics and Microsoft will integrate application software and network services, and Samsung Electronics will bundle Microsoft’s “Your Phone” application on its Galaxy Note 10. Galaxy.. Read More

Housing enterprise positioning starts from these four directions

“From product to life, from life to life” Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account: Lao Song circle, (ID: laosongdequanzi ) , author: Lao Song, authorized reprint In 2014, Vanke extended the positioning of “Three Good Residential Suppliers” to “City Supporting Service Providers”. In 2018, Vanke further upgraded this positioning to “urban and rural construction and living service providers” and proposed to be a “good life scene teacher”… Read More

Anyway, I can still install: the infinite possibilities of space

“Installation” is a concept of space, implying the infinite possibilities of space. “Installation” is a concept of space, implying the infinite possibilities of space; “installation” is also the self-cultivation of adults. Every restraint, disguise, and subtleness is a hidden practice. It is also our last respect for life. To help busy urbanites relax and love life all the way. From August 3rd to 4th, the Future Real Estate Division held.. Read More

Six bad habits that are not easy to detect, eroding your happiness every day

The way to get happiness is not to add, but to do subtraction The Translation Bureau is a compiling team that focuses on science, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: We will seek happiness and resort to all means, but in fact we are only in most cases because we have developed unreasonable habits that have long led.. Read More

Frontline | Quickly upgrade group chat function, want to sprint 300 million DAU

A new attempt to precipitate social relationships with fast hands and vibrato. After the vibrato on-line group chat function, the quick-talker also updated the group chat function. Recently, I found that the quicker has enhanced the portal of the group chat function, and the user can choose whether or not the group chat appears in the personal homepage. Previously, the group chat feature was placed in a deeper “private letter”.. Read More

Gourmet economy reflects urban vitality

, reshaping a set of “network red food” economic routine. It can be said that the catering market that can introduce new and upgraded consumption is proportional to the indicators of urban economic level and per capita disposable income. Eating and eating is the result of open communication. Chengdu native, you can easily find the ancient skills of Sichuan cuisine. Chengdu people must have two old enamel altars, each with.. Read More