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Medical Device Developer “Mist Union Medical” Wulian Medical received tens of millions of RMB A round of financing, CCB International led

“Mistlink Medical” has more than 60 invention patents covering the core technology of aerosol inhalation administration Related /strong>,“Mist Union MedicalHas tens of millions of RMB led by CCB International A round of financing, “Dianshi Capital” served as financial advisor for this round of financing. Before, the company was awarded 5 million angel round financing by Shenzhen Venture Capital and Kunshan Industrial Technology Institute. Focus Medical Financing Source: Enterprise Check Southwest.. Read More

Online agricultural knowledge education platform “Daily Scholars” announced the completion of the B round of financing, the creation of capital leadership

Land transfer has promoted the transformation of farmland to moderate intensification, and consumption upgrading has stimulated the adjustment of crop planting structure. It is reported that, the first Internet farmer vocational education platform in China, “everyday farming” completed tens of millions of yuan In the B round of financing, this round of financing was led by “Chuangchuang Capital” and “Jingwei China” followed suit. It is reported that this round of.. Read More

The pharmaceutical industry has frequently incurred large amounts of financing, and the CRO “Bai Ou Sai Tu” received 543 million yuan of D financing.

This year, CRO/CMO companies have ushered in a wave of financing, with 16 in the first half of the year. It is reported that CRO Company’s “Bao Sai Tu” announced the completion of the 543 million yuan D round of financing, the current round of the leading investors for the National Life Health Fund, SDIC entrepreneurship, C-round investor CMB International, Materia Medica capital continues to vote, The Biotech management team.. Read More

THAI’s daily newspaper | Tinder’s parent company acquires Egyptian online dating company to expand the Muslim market; Southeast Asia’s largest maternal and child platform, TheAsianparent, expands to Asian and African markets

Content and community platforms. Currently, the platform has more than 23.5 million active users per month and 180 employees in 12 countries. India The UPI transaction volume for Paytm’s July has fallen sharply. The reason behind this is that Google Pay and PhonePe’s market share is growing. On the whole, UPI transactions showed a significant growth last month, becoming the preferred mode for small retail online payments. According to people.. Read More

Under the wave of 5G and AI, Xiaoyu Yilian should transform the cloud video industry with To C

The new ME II series of conference products, the ES series for the education market, the NE20 package for the price below 5,000 yuan, and the new easy-to-use conference operating system. Around the cloud video product line, Xiaoyu Yilian’s products already cover the traditional enterprise market. , education market and mobile office and other scenarios. On August 8, 2019, after two years, cloud video company Xiaoyu Yilian held a new.. Read More

Why did the first-line social animals start watching the video of the sea?

On all major social platforms, Catch the Sea video has become a cure for countless netizens. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Walking the Sea Courtyard” (ID: meerjump), the author of the hospital to run a carbonated dog; authorized to release. When I was surfing the Internet recently, the hospital saw a group of incredible seafood summoners who could grow octopus by pouring vinegar on the ground:.. Read More

Reading | Real good products, we must understand human nature

Emotional products are rooted in people, not technology. Specially set up a [Reading] section for reading, screening some books worth reading, and providing some summaries. I hope that you have a book on your hand to let the movement of reading continue. Today’s headline founder Zhang Yiming once made a micro headline saying: Imagination is the sky, empathy is the foundation. This will make a useful and brilliant product. Ethicalism.. Read More

Kicking off the four stumbling blocks on the road to expansion of startups

There must be courage to face the problem, but also a means to solve the problem. Introduction: Startups want to grow and expand, there will be many difficulties, these may be team, revenue growth, opening up new markets, system collapse. Christa Quarles, a former leader in startups such as OpenTable and Playdom, combined his own experience to tell how to kick off the stumbling block on the road to expansion.. Read More