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Facebook’s e-commerce market chaos: fraud, counterfeiting, no delivery, no money

One-third of people in the United States have used Facebook’s e-commerce platform Facebook Marketplace, but its so-called real user profile does not give consumers a real sense of security. Editor’s note: This article is from Tencent Technology. Some buyers on Facebook Marketplace say that many sellers will change the price of the product at will, list illegal or counterfeit products, or scam through multiple profiles. Tencent Technology News August 17th.. Read More

Frontline | OPPO will release Reno2 in India, how to counter the price of 3000 yuan

With the saturation of the low-end market and the fierce competition, the switch to high-end machines has become an inevitable choice for brands. According to foreign media The India Express, OPPO will release the flagship Reno 2 series in New Delhi, India on August 28. The price of Reno 2 will be around 35,000 rupees (about 3484 yuan), according to my smart price. Reno 2 is not a continuation of.. Read More

Old and big, no future

Where is the old spring? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account: Beards say room, (ID: dahuzishuofang ) , author: bearded Lijun Huai, authorized reprint The city center has been moving, and the luxury residential area has been changing. The old and big ones that have been bought at high prices are very proud of the location, all of which are staged. Good products are worthy of talks.. Read More

Luxury car sales battle into the second half, Mercedes-Benz BMW sprint

BMW got the chance to seize the “stick”, but it didn’t seem to be exciting. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: Pan Lei. Author | Pan Lei Edit | Liang Chen After entering the second half of the year, Mercedes-Benz has seized a favorable position in the luxury car sales war. In July, Mercedes-Benz sold 59,000 units in China, which was higher.. Read More

The front line | Operators must “build together” 5G, Unicom users can go to the telecommunications network in the future?

But this will involve more complex issues of interest distribution. The regulator itself wants to promote cooperation between various departments. Zhao Aiming, deputy director of the State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission, recently stated that the three operators should take the initiative to undertake national tasks and further strengthen cooperation to avoid repeated investment in 5G. In the future, 5G users will be able to use the number of China.. Read More

Frontline | Byte Beat has long been conspired to invest in interactive encyclopedia, universal search engine or broken information island

Efficient and comprehensive access to information is inevitable, and ultimately it is necessary to go to universal search, a modified general search, which may be the final byte beating as early as preparing for its universal search engine. It was learned that the byte hopping has invested 871.429 million yuan in interactive encyclopedia through its wholly-owned subsidiary. According to the information on the national corporate credit information disclosure system, Beijing.. Read More

Breaking supply, turning, breaking out, opportunity analysis of China Core | Whale Academy

What is the status of China Core now? What is the market size and localization of the industry? What are the segments of the industry that investors focus on? Is the future of the integrated circuit industry worth investing in and starting a business? Author: Dong and Zhang Guide: Tan Ying In April 2018, the US Department of Commerce issued a notice stating that the US government will ban ZTE.. Read More

Using electric aircraft to realize short-distance passenger goods, “Anfei” completed the first test flight

Avi is mainly retrofitted to six short-haul (less than 300km) short-haul general-purpose aircraft, and will gradually expand its products to 9-, 19-, and larger models. The current passenger aircraft are driven by aviation fuel. Aviation fuel has always been the largest operating cost of airlines. The pollution generated by the aviation industry has also been criticized by the industry. The trend of electrification in the field of flight is gradually.. Read More

The average compound growth rate for the fifth consecutive year is over 70%. Cao Jinghua’s dream is to modernize Chinese medicine.

Positioning “Broken Wall Herbs”, Cao Jinghua achieves high compound growth and creates new Chinese medicines in the minds of users. Targeting and Leading Strategy China’s Enterprise Practice Enlightenment 12 The average compound growth rate for the fifth consecutive year is over 70%. The dream of Cao Jinghua is to realize the modernization of Chinese medicine In 2015, Hong Kong-listed company Zhongzhi Pharmaceutical (03737) and Trout cooperated. In its many businesses,.. Read More

Update | To realize the intelligentization of industrial robots, “Mecamander Robot” won the investment of Intel

Mecamand robots completed financing twice this year. It was learned that Mecamander Robots announced today that it has received an investment from Intel. According to the official announcement, this investment will help Mecamand to further enhance its R&D and delivery capabilities. Mecamander has deployed 3D in various areas such as automobile assembly, auto parts production, home appliances, steel, food, high-speed rail component production, e-commerce logistics warehouse, express transfer center, hospital.. Read More