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Can a Chinese takeaway company that challenges UberEats in Canada be able to eat from the tiger’s mouth?

In 2018, the annual sales of small red car take-out has exceeded 25 million Canadian dollars, the average daily order has exceeded 2000, and the average unit price has reached 35 knives. Image Source Pexles Hai Chuangpai HiTrends reported on August 9 (author Dragon) When Uber landed in the US capital market and set a record for the 2015 IPO, a Toronto-based Chinese takeaway company hopes to take food from.. Read More

Huawei Yu Chengdong Developer Conference Speech: Hong Meng is a future-oriented operating system

“In the next 5-10 years, Huawei’s consumer business, long-term strategy is full scene smart life.” Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Love Fan” (ID: ifanr). On August 9, Huawei held the 2019 Huawei Developer Conference at the Songshan Lake Headquarters in Dongguan. This is Huawei’s most watched developer conference in recent years. At the scene, Huawei’s consumer business CEO Yu Chengdong delivered a keynote speech titled “New.. Read More

Apollo Ventures Zhang Peng: How to communicate effectively with investors? | E-Club Innovation Club closed behind the door

At 8:00 pm on August 12th, as the “Lesson 1” of 36 closed-door sharing sessions, we invited Mr. Zhang Peng, Managing Director of Aurora Ventures, to share the theme of “How to Communicate Effectively with Investors”. Help entrepreneurs quickly grasp the focus of investors and reach the core issues. In order to better help entrepreneurs to grow steadily and rapidly, the E-Club Innovator Club, which serves early entrepreneurs, has been.. Read More

Looking at the right and wrong of the middle station from another angle of view

A new perspective on the right and wrong of the Taiwanese platform. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “goYangKun” (ID: goYangKun), author Yang Wei. This article is the keynote speech of Hangzhou Station, the product manager conference that everyone is a product manager in July, based on the speech outline. I wrote an article with the intention of exploring and interpreting the construction of products in China.. Read More

The front line | WeChat internal test “PC side open small program”, the small program Internet era has just begun

Will the split mobile Internet be reconnected by the applet? The WeChat applet has released a new capability. August 9th, we learned that WeChat is testing “PC side support to open small programs” Capability: Users chat on WeChat PC The small program message received in the scene can be directly opened on the PC side, and the interface is consistent with the mobile terminal. Other PC environments do not currently.. Read More

Where is the real-time distribution of the giants in the siege?

How will the competition develop in the future? In June 2018, Shunfeng Express, which is known as “the first domestic express delivery”, launched the “E-city rush” business, adding another fire to the hot instant distribution market. At that time, under the cold winter of capital, the news of successful financing in the industry is also endless. The root cause of the market is the market. According to the relevant statistics.. Read More

New oxygen CEO Venus publicly listed after the strategy: “one horizontal and one vertical” deep cultivation of medical beauty

The new oxygen CEO Venus shared the plan of the post-listing company at the press conference, saying that the next strategy is “one horizontal and one vertical”, that is, continue to deepen in the medical and beauty industry, do the industry Internet, and expand to the dental category in the category. Consumer medical field. On August 7th, “New Oxygen 2019 Medical Aesthetics White Paper” was released in Beijing. The white.. Read More

The front line | Huawei’s new system Hongmeng officially available, ready to replace Android

“The workload is very small and only takes a day or two.” August 9, Huawei Developers Conference opens, Huawei self-developed systemHong Meng debuted, and the glory wisdom screen released tomorrow will adopt this for the first time. system. Although the system is mainly for IoT devices, it can also support mobile phones. Yu Chengdong said that if Google Android is not open to Huawei, “You can enable Hung Meng at.. Read More