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The avatar instantly sprouts! This technology allows you to transform into a protagonist

5qwfpdx5fj30p60o4tc2.jpg” data-img-size-val=”906,868″> The first author of the paper is Junho Kim: It is worth mentioning that the three authors, including Kim, are from the Korean game company NCsoft, one of the “Golden Shuangxiong” players in the game industry; the other author is from Boeing Korea Engineering. Technology Center. NCsoft’s established online game “Paradise” (Lineage 1 & 2) was launched in 1998. It has been operating continuously for 21 years in.. Read More

YouTube’s rapid growth tips in India

3.1 million subscribers. In the video posted on the channel, Arumugam, a lean, gray-haired, often cooks a lot of food around the waist. The 58-year-old resident of Tirupur, India, used a “100 chicken legs” to make a dish with a video view of 61 million. Arumugam’s son, Gopinath, was originally a filmmaker in Chennai, but later established the channel in mid-2016 due to his failure to return to Tirupur. The.. Read More

The dispute between New Oriental and a good future brother: a microcosm of China’s private education ten years

In the next few years, who can sit firmly in the position of “teaching a brother”? The development trend of the K12 training business may have a decisive impact. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Tencent deep network” ( ID: qqshenwang), author: Enron, editor: Xiao Kang. Targeting: There was almost a “big brother” to acquire the whole process of mergers and acquisitions, and after becoming a good.. Read More

The rise of new consumer goods has given e-cigarette opportunities, and more people have begun to choose new ways of smoking to change their living conditions. Of course, for the e-cigarette track, the “new smoke” wave is both an opportunity and a challenge. Who can “war” to the end and test the comprehensive capabilities of each brand. The e-cigarette industry entered the fast lane of development in 2019. According to.. Read More

Entrepreneur Zhang Xiaojing

The background of the inability to open. After the lens turned, our main character Zhang Xiaojing appeared. At this time, he is no longer a bad man in Chang’an, just a dead prisoner who is sitting in a dark cell waiting for death. The cell is like a half-basement. There is only one window in the room that is not big enough. The ridiculous thing is that this window can’t.. Read More

Behind the Lengqing Tobacco Hotel, an Internet “renovation” of the 100 billion market

Try to use digital to identify waste and loss in the manufacturing process and gradually reduce the manufacturing cost of liquor. From the current development situation, their digital transformation is still in its infancy, and even the heads of wine companies simply equate digital transformation with e-commerce sales. (At the request of the respondent, Dong Ru, Wang Hong, Chen He are all pseudonyms)

Suitable for the market, the investors feel that the cost is too high, and the big-name star actors feel that the script does not conform to their image, and they will ask for a second revision of the script. Once this happened, the actor’s agent thought that the character image was not enough to absorb the powder and asked to add a plot. “Some screenwriters will choose to follow the.. Read More

The first launch | “Xunyun Innovation” won 30 million yuan A round of financing, allowing developers to efficiently complete the development process on a web page

Converging developer traffic, and becoming a traffic portal for products such as cloud services and technology applications in the future. It was learned that the software development tool and service platform “Xingyun Innovation” has completed 30 million A round of financing, and the leading investor is Shenzhen Zhengxuan Investment. In September 2017, Xingyun Innovation received nearly 10 million yuan of angel financing from SDIC Dongxing. Xunyun Innovation provides a web-based.. Read More

Daily New Registration Company Collection (2019.08.06) | Future Think Tank

The registration of each new company may mean the starting point of a great entrepreneurial story, or it may mean the beginning of a high-return investment. The registration of each new company may mean the beginning of a great entrepreneurial story, or it may mean the beginning of a high-return investment. In order to give readers more time-sensitive access to the most current entrepreneurial information and provide more evidence for.. Read More