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Using robot dogs and robots to form a baseball cheerleader, Sun Zhengyi can really play

This article comes from the WeChat public account:qubit (ID: QbitAI), author: white cross, from the title figure: vision China Sun Zhengyi really can play. His “dogs” and “people” formed a cheerleader, the picture is like this: As soon as I saw so many Boston-powered robot dogs forming a cheerleading team, a 530,000…ah, it hurts. However, I still counted carefully. A total of 20 Boston-powered robot dogs and 19 Pepper robots… Read More

Putian Department captures vibrato

Source | Ran Finance (ID: rancaijing) Author | Ranran Studio Churchill said, never waste a crisis. The Putian Department did it. In the past, Putian shoe sellers took a clear route of self-exposure on Post Bar and Weibo, and explained the nuances of currency, super A, real standard, company-level and top-level with detailed graphics and text, “Let the world wear it The famous brand’s copywriting strategy targets the target audience… Read More

Microsoft launches “planet computer” concept, using AI to master the earth

iv class=”contheight”> But in Gong Peng’s view, the planetary computer requires very detailed observations of the earth. At present, the decline and decline of ecosystem service functions are the biggest challenges facing the planet, and the combination of computer simulation capabilities, scientific understanding and data observation can better evaluate future development policies. Whether it is to build a planetary computer with a more detailed data scale, or to obtain an.. Read More

China Dairy Industry Association denies that Mengniu, Yili and other companies have influenced national standards

On July 10th, the official WeChat of the China Dairy Industry Association issued a statement, responding to the “Deep Stealing Mengniu, Yili 6 major crimes, the media did not dare to say, then let me speak.” In a statement, China Dairy Industry Association stated that the article attracted attention with highly impactful titles such as “6 major crimes” and maliciously fabricated multiple dairy companies “Product quality is not up to.. Read More

Xinhua News Agency: Under the downward pressure, how to realize the basic protection of the people’s livelihood?

/strong> Relieve people’s worries and warm people’s hearts. A series of hard-core measures have woven a rigorous safety net to effectively hold the bottom line of basic people’s livelihood. In order to alleviate the difficulties of students with disabilities, recently, China Southern Power Grid Guiyang Wudang Power Supply Bureau organized volunteers to come to the special education school in Wudang District, Guiyang City to bring them to them An electric.. Read More

Why should the venture capital industry also be broken by innovation?

titute (Offshore Research Institute) As an ambassador, this is an experimental project to explore the life of human society at sea, the ultimate goal is to explore human society Organizational form. In the summer of 2014 at the Founders Fund San Francisco office. In 2014, I finally got the opportunity to interview the Founders Fund. Although I didn’t get the job, I was prompted at the time, “You can actually.. Read More

The night in Hong Kong is so beautiful: the true colors of heroes

-img-note”> Dillon What Di Long didn’t expect was that Shao’s students’ monthly salary was only 400, and they would increase by 100 every year. In his spare time, he would also go to a dress shop to work part-time. One day Shao’s popular actress Ding Hong went to buy clothes. The guy in the store said to her, “Look, that person also entered the Shao’s.” Ding Hong called Di Long.. Read More

Depravity of the post-95 girl president

There should be rebellion, confrontation with the world, and rules. In the confrontation, find your right to speak and find a way to get along with the world. In this world, young people who grow up after struggles do not need giant babies who are held on top of their heads by Meiqing people. Be aware that no matter how the front wave withdraws, the back wave will sooner or.. Read More

Your Win10 and my Win10 seem to be different

As an efficient person, if you want to make your Windows 10 easier to use, you can do at least these 10 settings. 001. Explorer displays [this computer] or [Quick Access] You can choose to display [this computer] or frequently used folders by default when you open the resource management. Click [View]-[Option], select the corresponding one at the top of the [General] tab; 002. Customize how to open the folder.. Read More