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Going to sea, our next career growth opportunity

lets go! Toward the Great Fairway! Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Everyone is a product manager” (ID: woshipm) , author: Fan Meng weeks. The opportunities to go to sea are great: Whether it is to accumulate meaningful overseas work experience, enrich your life experience, or to harvest rich economic returns. But back to the personal level: how can we prepare to join this ongoing “big sailing.. Read More

Super perspective | offline shutdown, online explosion, a K12 education company turned to survive

. I set a strategy that was particularly good at that time, sending parents free lessons from the 30th year of the new year to the 7th day of the first day. This gift is actually for teachers to practice their hands first and find the feeling of online teaching. If it is free, the tolerance of the rollover parents will be slightly higher. Otherwise, if the paid course teacher.. Read More

Changes in the Middle East e-commerce logistics industry from Aramex financial report

Aramex CEO Bashar Obeid said, “Shipments in 2020 will continue to grow healthy, especially in core markets such as Saudi Arabia, but the price pressure on e-commerce business will continue for some time. This article comes from WeChat public account “ePanda to the Middle East” (ID: ePandaMENA) . We have previously published a document, A summary of Aramex’s movements over the past year and its announced third quarter financial results.. Read More

This period of idleness is the countdown to your life.

This article comes from WeChat public account: Wait But Why (ID: wbwtimurban) , author: Tim Urban, Translator: sub Miao, editor: Vivid, proofing: Edina How many lives are you in this week when the epidemic is idle? This is a person’s long life in years: This is the life of a person in months: But today, we are going to look at people’s lives on a weekly basis: All the weeks.. Read More

Help the brand reach the residents of the community stably, “Community App” wants to use “access control” to transform offline traffic

The model of Shuangyou Technology is the “community version” of Wanda Plaza. Smart access control is widely used in the community. Instead of traditional keys, just swipe your face, scan the code or click the key icon on the APP, the residents can enter and exit the community at will. The way of opening doors is changing, the community business environment is also changing, and traditional physical businesses around the.. Read More

This Oscar remains, the heroes most Chinese people should know

This article comes from WeChat public number: Sir Movie (ID: dustevv) , author: poison Sir, original title: “Oscar Pearl, shoot the hero of China’s most recognized”, the title figure comes from: the movie “Blackwater” Oscar missed it. The star of this year is definitely Parasite, but if you stretch the time for decades, another movie may be even more important. Movies not only expose reality, but also change it. It.. Read More

Should the advertising budget be reduced during the epidemic? Shouldn’t

The article is from WeChat public account: Marketing Revelation (ID: xunkong2005) < span class = "text-remarks">, author: look for empty 2009 I wrote an article some time ago “What will the advertising industry suffer Impact? 》 , which sparked discussion within the industry. The epidemic has indeed affected many advertising companies, mainly because many parties have reduced consumer demand, reduced marketing budgets, and delayed the release of important products. A.. Read More

Under the “new crown”, what are the educational institutions in those counties going through?

Record of the epidemic of entrepreneurs in low-line city tutoring schools ) , author: source. At the beginning of 2020, the outbreak of “new crown virus” has stopped almost all industries from moving forward. Practitioners, entrepreneurs, and even the entire earth in the education industry are experiencing the “tribulations” that come from this new year. The industry is in a frozen state, but under the ice is running water, the.. Read More

Another way to be patriotic

This article is from public number: Arima Sports (ID: youmatiyu) , author: S brother I. In a wave of naturalization, the talented girl Gu Ailing has become China’s most successful naturalized athlete. Since her naturalization, good news has been coming from China Snow Project. Gu Ailing gave up U.S. nationality to join Chinese nationality in June last year. In August, she represented China in the Freestyle Ski Slope Obstacle Skills.. Read More