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More chaos in the live broadcast e-commerce industry, how can the traffic economy win lasting traffic?

At the 28th China Yangling Agricultural High-tech Conference, two anchors were broadcast live in the Shaanxi Supply and Marketing Center. Photo by Xinhua News Agency reporter Wei Xiang Recently, the State Administration of Taxation, Zhejiang Hangzhou Municipal Taxation Bureau issued a notice to deal with tax evasion cases by two Internet anchors in accordance with the law. The two were charged with tax payment, late fees and fined tens of.. Read More

How far is the fund investment advisory business from us?

Fund investment advisory business mainly refers to that financial investment advisory institutions with relevant qualifications accept clients’ entrustment, and within the scope of the client’s authorization, in accordance with the agreement, make the choice of specific types, quantities and trading timing of investment funds for clients, and replace clients Make application for fund product purchase, redemption, conversion and other transactions. This means that fund investment advisory is different from securities.. Read More

Wu Zunyou: China’s containment and zero clearance prevent at least 47.84 million infections and 950,000 deaths

On November 28, Wu Zunyou, chief epidemiology expert of the China Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said that “national blockage clearance/entry isolation” is the core content of the new crown prevention and control strategy of “outside defense import, internal defense against bullets” and must be adhered to! Wu Zunyou made the above statement at the annual financial conference held in Beijing. Wu Zunyou also disclosed the effectiveness of “containment.. Read More

“Fracture price” workers come to the house, pie in the sky or a big routine?

Do you feel the coldness of the property market? Under the pressure of downward housing prices, since November, many places have successively issued “restriction orders” for housing prices. After the fair price cut was “restricted”, real estate companies came up with new tricks, and “fractured” workers have sprung up. Can people who buy houses miss out in this game? Data map: real estate. Photo by Luo Yunfei “The city is.. Read More

Yu Xuejun talks about rising prices of bulk commodities triggering global inflation: it is difficult to quell in the short term

“Since the outbreak of the new crown pneumonia epidemic last year, there have been two main global problems affecting the economic growth of various countries and the world in the past two years: one is the severe impact of the new crown epidemic on economic and social life, and the other is the rise in the prices of global commodities. Inflation.” On November 27, Yu Xuejun, the former deputy ministerial.. Read More

La Chapelle is on the verge of bankruptcy: Will the nine thousand be reduced to three hundred, can it be brought back to life by wild consumption?

Following the defeat of many fast fashion brands in China, Laxia Bell, a fast-fashion brand that had nearly 10,000 stores at its peak and was once known as “China ZARA”, is now on the verge of bankruptcy. The bankruptcy news aroused netizens to “wild consumption” Recently, La Chapelle issued an announcement that the company’s creditors Jiaxing Chengxin Garment Co., Ltd. and Haining Mangrove Clothing Co., Ltd. and Zhejiang Zhongda Xinjia.. Read More

85 people on flight from South Africa to the Netherlands are positive for new crown or infected with Omicron mutant

China News Service, November 27. According to Singapore’s Lianhe Zaobao on the 27th, as many as 85 people on two airline flights carrying a total of 600 people and flying from South Africa to Amsterdam, the Netherlands, may be infected with the new coronavirus. These people are currently undergoing further screening to determine whether they are infected with Omicron, a mutated virus that may be more threatening than Delta. The.. Read More

Weibo: Users reported the scam of the nine-price HPV vaccine on behalf of the contract, and closed 162 accounts

Weibo Community Announcement: In the recent period, the station has received multiple reports from users, claiming that it has been scammed by “substituting a nine-valent HPV vaccine”. The station attaches great importance to this and continues to carry out inspections. In the classification of fraud complaints, the site separately checked the account’s identity information, IP address, site behavior, and complaint evidence, etc., and found that most of the accounts were.. Read More

Many places extend maternity leave from 30 days to 60 days, experts remind attention to female employment

“As a married woman of childbearing age who wants to change jobs and end up in another place, I am very worried about the impact of this policy on my job change.” Ms. Sun, who works in an institution in Shanghai, told reporters. The policy she mentioned is the recent policy of extending maternity leave intensively in many places. Some provinces and cities have extended maternity leave from 30 days.. Read More