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What should I do if my upper jaw is pierced by chopsticks

Daily because everyone is used to eating with chopsticks when eating, it is often easy to accidentally cause the upper jaw in the mouth to be pierced by the chopsticks. Once this phenomenon occurs, many people are in a hurry and do not know how to deal with it. So what should I do if my upper jaw is pierced by chopsticks? First of all, if the upper jaw is.. Read More

What is the reason why the humidity is too heavy

In life, I often hear people say that they are heavy in moisture, uncomfortable here, uncomfortable there, and need to remove moisture. Many people only know the weight of moisture in their bodies, but they do not have a deep understanding of the reasons for the weight of moisture. Prevention is better than cure, and understanding the root causes can solve the problem fundamentally, so what is the reason why.. Read More

Can you eat boiled eggs at night

Eggs have a lot of protein foods, often eat can supplement the body’s nutrition, but also can improve immunity, so people often eat an egg every day, then can you at night Eat boiled eggs? Boiled eggs contain a lot of nutrients and protein, which has a very good effect on the human body, but normally, it is better to eat in the daytime and eat some at night, But.. Read More

Can the cabbage cabbage be yellowed?

We all know that cabbage is a very good vegetable, the nutritional content is relatively balanced and comprehensive, and the calories are low. When we are preparing to cook cabbage, we will find cabbage The leaves of the cabbage are yellow. Some people think that the yellowing of cabbage cabbage is rotten and can no longer be eaten. Can the cabbage of cabbage be yellowed? Can the cabbage cabbage be.. Read More

What kind of exercise helps grow taller

Many people may not be too satisfied with their size in daily life, so they always want to think of ways to make themselves taller. Some people may use exercise to make themselves higher, but they don’t know what exercise to choose. So, what kind of exercise helps grow taller? First of all, a lot of exercise helps to grow taller, such as when you wake up normally, or when.. Read More