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What should I do if the barley tea milk still goes up?

< /span> Increase of milk is a common problem during breastfeeding. When there is too much milk and the baby eats too little milk, the milk can’t be discharged completely, which leads to the accumulation of milk. Women bring a lot of discomfort, breasts often feel swelling and painful. Some women can use barley tea to relieve them. However, what should I do if the barley tea milk is still.. Read More

Why does the urine come out white after drinking milk

The child’s resistance is not very strong, and it is easier to be plagued by diseases in daily life. In order to strengthen the child’s resistance, parents often try a variety of methods. Nutrition in milk There are many substances. Drinking a glass of milk every day has many benefits for children. It not only benefits physical and mental growth, but also improves sleep quality. However, why does the urine.. Read More

Can I drink coconut milk after eating orange

< /p> Orange is a very common fruit, it is not only very delicious, but also Contains a lot of nutrients, especially the content of vitamin C is very high. If you usually eat some oranges, it is more beneficial to your health and can enhance your body’s resistance. So, can I drink coconut milk after eating orange? You can drink coconut milk after eating oranges, which will not cause.. Read More

Will you get stones if you drink too much milk?

I believe that everyone often drinks milk, this is a very nutritious food, and drink it regularly Very good for health. There are many types of milk, such as skimmed milk, pure milk and whole milk. You can choose according to your taste and physical condition. So, will there be stones when drinking too much milk? Drinking too much milk will not cause stones. If you drink milk frequently, stones.. Read More

What is the difference between the Qing Palace and the flow of people

Women who get pregnant by accident will basically choose abortion, which is the most Commonly used means. There are many methods of abortion, such as medical abortion and painless abortion. Some women still need an uterine evacuation after an abortion. So, what is the difference between the Qing Palace and the flow of people? The Qing Palace is a remedy for abortion. After the abortion of women, if there is.. Read More

Can breast hyperplasia eat tofu?

Mammary gland hyperplasia is a high-risk disease in women. After the disease, painful symptoms will appear . When women suffer from breast hyperplasia, they must be treated as soon as possible. If the disease persists for a long time, not only will the condition get worse, but there may also be lesions. So, can you eat tofu if you suffer from hyperplasia of mammary glands? Women suffering from hyperplasia of.. Read More

What happens if you eat too much milk calcium

When everyone is deficient in calcium, it will damage your health, and it may Will cause some diseases. If you want to supplement calcium, in addition to supplementing calcium through food, you can also take calcium tablets or calcium supplements, and many people use milk calcium to supplement calcium. So, what happens if you eat too much milk calcium? Too much milk calcium is not good for your health, it.. Read More

Is the uterine cavity visible and painless? Is it a hysteroscope?

< /span> When women need to flow, most women choose to do painless flow because Can use narcotic drugs, so there is no pain. And now there is a kind of painless flow in the uterine cavity. This is a relatively advanced technology that canFind the gestational sacFind the gestational sac span>Accurate location. So, is the uterine cavity visible painless abortion hysteroscope? Visible uterine cavity painless abortion is not a.. Read More

What is immune infertility

< /p> Many couples have encountered infertility problems. At this time, the most correct choice is Just go to the hospital for an examination immediately. There are many factors that cause infertility. For example, reproductive system diseases are the most common cause of infertility, and it may also belong to immune infertility. So, what does immune infertility mean? The so-called immune infertility refers to the infertility caused by immune factors.. Read More

How to treat diarrhea during pregnancy

Diarrhea is a very common abnormal symptom, usually when you catch a cold or eat something unclean After food, diarrhea will occur. Female friends’ resistance will decrease during pregnancy, so diarrhea is particularly prone to occur in daily life. So, how do women treat diarrhea during pregnancy? If a woman has diarrhea during pregnancy, she should seek medical attention in time for the bacteria in the stool School culture and.. Read More