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What is hand, foot and mouth disease in children

Children are prone to various diseases when they grow up, and hand, foot and mouth disease is one of them. When their child was diagnosed with hand-foot-mouth disease, the parents were still at a loss. Because they did not know the relationship between hand-foot-mouth disease before, and did not know the type of the disease and the damage it caused, what is the child’s hand-foot-mouth disease? Children’s hand, foot and.. Read More

What is the cause of abortion syndrome

< /p> Some women will have some special circumstances after pregnancy, causing their pregnancy to not continue, so they need to adopt abortion. Abortion should be smooth for many people, but it is a minor operation after all, and a small number of women will have abortion syndrome. So, what is the cause of abortion syndrome? There are many factors that cause abortion syndrome. First, when women are too nervous.. Read More

Can you eat honey if you suffer from breast hyperplasia?

Women feel uncomfortable in their breasts, and they know that they have breast hyperplasia until they go to the hospital for an examination. Although mammary gland hyperplasia is not particularly serious, it is necessary to pay more attention to avoiding diet or other bad habits that cause mammary gland hyperplasia to become more and more serious. So, can you eat honey if you suffer from breast hyperplasia? When women suffer.. Read More

Can breast hyperplasia eat sea cucumbers?

Women’s breasts play an important role in nurturing children, but daily women should also pay attention to breast hygiene. Nowadays, due to various factors such as living environment, most women have breast hyperplasia. Faced with breast hyperplasia, many women do not know what to do. So, can breast hyperplasia eat sea cucumber? Women can eat a small amount of seafood during the treatment of breast hyperplasia, including sea cucumbers, but.. Read More

What is nipple pimples like

Nowadays, many people suffer from skin diseases. Women who are pregnant, Breasts are prone to disease, not only prone to breast cysts, but also prone to nipple papules. This requires timely treatment, otherwise it will cause more harm to the patient when the condition gets worse. So, what does nipple pimples look like? When women suffer from nipple papules, on the nipple, areola and nearby skin, There will be some.. Read More

How to eliminate breast hyperplasia nodules

Women should pay attention to breast health, because this is a site that is prone to disease, such as the breast Inflammation, breast hyperplasia, etc., the incidence is very high. After women suffer from breast disease, they must be treated in time. If the disease persists for a long time, there is a possibility of disease. So, how to eliminate breast hyperplasia nodules? Women’s breast hyperplasia nodules are generally benign.. Read More

What is mole

During pregnancy, female friends need to go to the hospital frequently for prenatal check-ups. For example, Tang Si, nt inspection, and b-ultrasound are all very important inspection items and must not be missed. If a woman has a mole, it can be detected by b-ultrasound. So, what is mole? Hydatidiform mole refers to the proliferation of placental villus trophoblast cells in women after pregnancy , Will cause high edema in.. Read More

What foods should be forbidden for breast hyperplasia

< /p> Female friends should pay attention to breast health, it is best to go to the hospital regularly Check, and you should always check yourself. Nowadays, many women suffer from breast diseases, such as mastitis and breast hyperplasia, which requires timely treatment. So, what foods should be forbidden for breast hyperplasia? 1. Foods containing caffeine: Women who have breast hyperplasia should not eat it Foods that contain caffeine, such.. Read More

What to eat for breast nodules

If a person has frequent emotional ups and downs, it will cause the body’s liver qi to be unable to clear normally, and it will also lead to irregular menstruation in female friends. If there is no effective improvement in time, breast nodules are more likely to occur, and this needs to be adjusted. So, what is good for breast nodules? Breast nodules should eat foods rich in citric acid,.. Read More

What is the disease of children with hydronephrosis

The kidney is an important organ of the human body. If the kidney is diseased, it will be harmful to health Very large, the more common kidney diseases are kidney stones, hydronephrosis and so on. Not only adults can get kidney disease, but children can also get disease, such as hydronephrosis, which is the most common kidney disease in children. So, what is the disease of children with hydronephrosis? Hydronephrosis.. Read More