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What can’t be eaten with mastitis

Women’s mammary glands are prone to diseases, such as breast hyperplasia, mastitis, etc. The most common breast disease. When you have breast disease, you must pay attention to it, and you should go to the hospital for an examination as soon as possible. And at the same time of treatment, you should also adjust your diet. So, what can’t you eat with mastitis? When women are suffering from mastitis, try.. Read More

What are the effects of drinking milk tea at night?

I believe people are no strangers to milk tea, this is a very popular drink. Especially female friends, most of them like to drink milk tea. Although the taste of milk tea is good, it is not advisable to drink more, and at night, it is best not to drink milk tea, so as not to damage your health. So, what are the effects of drinking milk tea at night?.. Read More

Can acute pancreatitis drink milk?

I believe everyone often drinks milk, which is a drink with high nutritional value, and There are many flavors of milk now, so it is very popular with everyone. Pancreatitis is a serious disease, which must be treated in time. At the same time of treatment, patients also need to avoid food. So, can acute pancreatitis drink milk? Acute pancreatitis cannot drink milk. This is because most patients with pancreatitis.. Read More

What is placenta previa

Pregnant women should pay attention to the condition of the placenta, because this is the delivery of oxygen and Nourishing organs. If there is a problem with the placenta, it will have a great impact on fetal development. Many women have some abnormalities during pregnancy, such as placenta previa. So, what is placenta previa? The so-called placenta previa is the placenta attached to the lower part of the pregnant woman’s.. Read More

How long is the shelf life of general condoms

,’Microsoft YaHei’;”>Condoms are very common contraceptives. When you use condoms, you must not only check the expiration date, but also use the correct method. At the beginning of the same room, you need to wear condoms instead of ejaculation. Use it only when you need to. Otherwise, the condom will not be fully effective, and it may cause contraceptive failure, which may lead to unintended pregnancy in women.

Why different people react differently to pregnancy

Female friends will have some pregnancy reactions after they become pregnant. Nausea and vomiting are usually the most obvious when you get up every morning. However, each woman has some differences in pregnancy reactions during pregnancy, and the severity of them varies. So, why do different people react differently to pregnancy? The reason why women react differently after pregnancy is because of the physique of the pregnant woman There will.. Read More

Why are the nipples so small?

In daily life, women always pay special attention to breasts. Only when breasts are firm and full can women be more confident. However, in addition to breast size, some women are also very concerned about nipples Yes, under normal circumstances, the nipples are light pink or brown. With the changes in hormones in the body, the color of the nipples will also change. However, why are the nipples so small?.. Read More

What does milk ringworm look like

The baby’s skin is very delicate and its resistance is relatively weak, so it is more prone to suffering Some skin diseases. Common skin diseases in babies include prickly heat, saliva rash and ringworm. Baby’s milk ringworm is divided into different types, so there will be some differences in symptoms. So, what does milk ringworm look like? If the child is suffering from seborrheic milk ringworm, it usually appears in.. Read More

What is uterine dysplasia

Many women have been infertile for many years after marriage. They went to the hospital for physical examination only to find that they had uterine dysplasia. Because the uterus is in the body, it is impossible to see it with the naked eye in daily life, and it is impossible to directly understand the development of the uterus, so many people do not understand it. So, what is uterine dysplasia?.. Read More

What is a naive uterus

In daily life, the probability of hearing the word naive uterus is relatively low, so many people don’t have a concept about it. The disease of the uterus, but as for what it is, many people don’t know exactly what is a naive uterus. So, what exactly is a naive uterus? The naive uterus means that as the age increases, all aspects of the female body are mature, but the.. Read More