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Natal red

   Today is the first day of the new year of the dragon. The year of the dragon is my natal year. I should retire in this year of the dragon.   “I’m going to buy you two red pants!” My wife made a definite promise, and she bought it at a high price a few days ago, and then told me to wear them on time. “In the past.. Read More


   It is said that this is a few years ago. At that time, the construction of houses and houses in rural areas was not a matter of contracting, and they were all looking for help. Now to build a house, as long as there is money, the owner does not have to do anything. At that time, the first day I had to ask the person who helped me,.. Read More

Difficulty falling asleep

   An eighty-year-old lady walked into a physiotherapy clinic and said to the doctor; Doctor, I have difficulty falling asleep recently, and I can’t sleep at 12 o’clock at night! The doctor recommended a course of foot therapy for her to clear the meridians, improve microcirculation, and ensure that the old lady eats well and can sleep well. The old lady was too overjoyed and thought it would make people.. Read More

Sell ​​vegetables

   Recently, Amin asked his father to live in the city to show his filial piety. His father was bored so he changed the back garden into a vegetable garden and planted some vegetables.  Soon, the full length of vegetables such as radish, cabbage, etc. grew. In order to earn a face in front of his father, A Ming took a job-selling vegetables.  On Sunday morning, Amin took the ripe.. Read More

Open another stove door after the stove

   Feng Liang never liked to sit in a stove and burn a fire. Even on a very cold day, he uses an oven and never burns a fire in the stove to keep warm.  At noon that day, Feng Liang’s wife came into the house, first put water in the pot, put the washed rice into the pot, and then set the fire on the fire.    After a.. Read More


  Lu Qihong is the director of the Municipal Urban Construction Bureau. He is undecided about one thing these days, and he feels a little hesitant. In the past, he had the final say by himself and never discussed with others. This time, with the exception of this time, he held a bureau leadership meeting for this. “Let’s talk about it. Let’s build the remaining 100 million yuan for the inner.. Read More

Strictly saving and rectifying advanced

   Director Ma has been sitting on the podium with a straight face since he walked into the conference room, watching the dozens of people below, large and small, without saying a word. The atmosphere in the venue was quite tense. No one can figure out what Director Ma is angry with today. Even Secretary Li, his old partner sitting next to him, is at a loss, let alone others… Read More


At noon, when Yuan Yuan, who lives in Building No. 6, took his little daughter home, he saw Uncle Qi, Uncle Lai and Uncle Xia who had moved in recently, sitting in the corridor and chatting. He asked his daughter to say hello. Everyone liked this. Elf ghost. Uncle Peng asked her what her name was, and she said grimly: “My original name was Maomao, just now my father bought.. Read More

Monologue of a toilet

   According to the routine, I will introduce myself first. My name is Ma and my name is barrel. To put it bluntly, it is a toilet that everyone avoids. Why call me the toilet? No one told me, I think it was to be different from the rice bucket. The whole grains of other people’s decorations are the essence. Unlike me, a lot of dross, no need to guess.. Read More


   Once upon a time, there was such a family who had two sons and they were stupid. Not only did they not know the words, but they also did not know the numbers. When the parents were alive, they depended on their parents. After their parents died, they no longer depended on them. They had to do everything themselves. No, Ersha’s clothes are broken, so he can only buy.. Read More