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  Yu Si is a famous miser. He is not only stingy to the extreme, but also often likes to take advantage of others. Because of this, everyone in the village avoided him when they saw him.  One year on the first day of the New Year’s Day, Yu’s fourth child did not get up until he was too hungry to bear. He stretched reluctantly, came to the rice tank and.. Read More

First year and false year

   One Sunday before the new year, Dalin went to pick up his son Xiao Ming who was in a sketching class for children. On the way, Xiao Ming asked his father with a blank face: “Today, the teacher asked me how old I was. I said I was four years old as a pig. The teacher said, “No, you are five years old. In addition to painting, you can.. Read More

I can’t sleep in your bed

A few days ago, the classmates had a small gathering. During the dinner, the topic was drinking. One of them asked the other: “I heard that your husband’s brother recently made a joke because of drinking. Is there such a thing?” , “Haha, there is such a thing”, so she smiled and narrated the following real interesting story   Li Buqing (pseudonym) is a middle-aged person of about 50 years.. Read More

Missing a sock

   One day, Lao Zhou from the office took his elderly father to the bathroom to take a bath.  He first took a shower for his father and helped him put on his clothes. He told him: “Dad, Zhuzi, wear it by yourself. I will come back after I go down and wash!”.  After a while, he came up after washing and saw his father wearing only one sock, sitting.. Read More

Controversy between boys and girls

   Hu Jinke and Yan Baorong are a couple of doctors. They still work in a hospital, of course not in the same department. Hu Jinke is in obstetrics and Yan Baorong is in pediatrics. Although the two are in their early 30s, they have become business backbones because of their outstanding work.  They have been married for four years and already have a lovely daughter. Although the daughter is.. Read More

Seven tons of grain

   President Ma of the Dashen Chemical Group, died of liver cirrhosis, and he was less than fifty years old. Many people regret it, saying that he has so much money!   But Mr. Wu Dazui of Feng Shui in the village next to the chemical group said that Mr. Ma should have died long ago. Hades would be too unfair if he never died.   Granny Li said, what.. Read More

Wash lard with soap

   1. There are too many leeks.  In the era when young intellectuals went to the mountains and the countryside, the intellectual youths who were transferred from the city to the countryside, because of the disconnect between knowledge and practice, asked what they shouldn’t ask and did what they shouldn’t do.  An educated youth spot, an educated youth who just arrived saw the production team leader and suddenly asked: “In.. Read More

I have to eat a little for one person

   Once upon a time, in our Tujia cottage, where p was poor and backward, living in the era of slash and burn, the school desks were made of a wooden board and a few stones. The toilet is the same. Make a big hole in the ground and put two wooden boards on the hole. It saves materials and costs less investment, which is simple, convenient and feasible.  .. Read More

The value of life

   In a discussion meeting, a famous speaker did not give an opening remark, but held a 20-dollar bill in his hand.    Facing 200 people in the conference room, he asked, “Who wants the 20 dollars?” One hand was raised. He went on to say: “I intend to give the 20 dollars to one of you, but before that, please allow me to do one thing.” He said, crumpled.. Read More

Chain event

   The beginning of the matter was this: because a cousin of mine had to work overtime on Sunday, the cousin-in-law went to take a driver’s license test that day, so she sent her 5-year-old son to my house and asked me to take care of her for a day. Afraid of making trouble, I went to the market and bought him a cute little white rabbit. Ask me what.. Read More