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Qiuxiang smiles at Zhu Bajie

   Zhu Bajie returned to Gao Laozhuang to become a door-to-door son-in-law after he returned from the Western Heaven. As the days grew longer, Ba Jie’s “old trouble” was guilty again. I stayed with his wife. What’s the point, but Mrs. Pig knows the old pig too much. He is not allowed to go out at all when he is okay, just playing mahjong at home and playing cards. There.. Read More

Old Wu Ai is confused

   Lao Wu is a handyman in a company. He goes to work early every day. He cleans several offices first. When the office staff goes to work, he walks into the office and sees the clean office. He feels comfortable and has energy at work.    When he had just finished cleaning several offices, a middle-aged woman who was not dressed hurriedly walked into the office and asked Lao.. Read More

Dormitory night talk

   In the dorm at night, everyone is getting ready to sleep.    Liu said: “It’s too early to go to bed anyway. Why don’t you come to guess the riddle. I found that some idioms can be made into brain teasers to guess. It’s funny.”    Xiao Zhang and Xiao Zhou hurriedly said yes, only Xiao Wang yawned and said, “Go to bed early. We will have class tomorrow.”.. Read More


   A friend of mine was assigned by the head office to manage a farm in the western suburbs. Once they had something wrong with a factory in Shandong, the leader temporarily transferred him to help deal with it. There is no one in charge of the farm over there, so I had to let a man named Xiao Guo who has been working here for a long time take.. Read More

Nothing can’t be done

  Wang Ping is enthusiastic. He doesn’t consider his own ability in doing things. He always says: “If you have something to find me!” It seems that there is nothing in this world that he can’t do.    This evening, Wang Ping took his wife to a banquet. After drinking a few glasses of wine, the sentence slipped out of his mouth again: “In our small town, there is nothing we.. Read More

A dragon flies from the sky

  The May Day holiday is here, and the always stingy boss showed rare generosity and said that he would organize everyone to visit Yuntai Mountain!   Who knows that the next day, everyone waited and didn’t see the boss. When I was impatient, my colleague had sharp eyes and suddenly shouted: “The boss’s car is coming!”    I saw the boss’s car slowly stopping at the door of the company. When.. Read More

Don’t run into someone

   Ahui drove a tricycle down to the countryside to collect cotton. He was the kind of peddler who wandered around to buy and sell. By the way, on this day, he came to the entrance of a village. He just wanted to slow down and shout, and suddenly a pig came out. The pig didn’t know how to make a sharp turn. He sprinted forward. Ahui couldn’t brake enough.. Read More

Jade Emperor is not as good as section chief

   After a county chief of department took office, he re-armed his office. I am very familiar with Director Chen of the section chief’s office. After listening to his introduction, I sighed. Jade Emperor is not as good as section chief.  At night, I had a nightmare.  I dreamed that a golden armored god descended from the sky. He grabbed me with one hand, slapped me on my face, threw.. Read More

Lazy man’s dream of getting rich

   Once upon a time, there was a lazy man named Awei, who was idle all day long, and the villagers sneered at him. If you ask how lazy he is? There are a lot of allusions about him circulating in the country, only one of them is peeping at the lazy leopard: one night, when a thief enters the house and steals a pot, Ah Wei chases him, the.. Read More

If it weren’t for the chicken shit, I would not bear to sell it

   Sister-in-law Wang next door to my house is a virtuous, capable and outspoken person. Husband is also a kind and hardworking person. The whole family is happy. A lot of dry tobacco was planted in the house every year. But because my husband doesn’t know how to do it, doesn’t know how to deal with it, doesn’t have any momentum, and can’t finish it by himself, so he asks.. Read More