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One meter six seven

   A certain matchmaker went to the woman’s partner to be a matchmaker and introduced the man’s situation to the woman: “The height is one meter six or seven, and the house is nine (in) up and nine (in) down.”  When the woman heard this, she was worried that her daughter was too old and her appearance was not outstanding, so she could not get married. Someone was already happy.. Read More

Eyes lied to me

   I still remember when I was in the fifth grade of elementary school, our seat was near the window, and the sunlight was shining in obliquely, which made me feel bad.   After the class bell rang, I only saw Lao Ban walking in with a novel book, said lightly ‘self-study’, and then sat down to enjoy the novel.   From the bottom of my heart, I secretly scolded.. Read More

Director Ma learns calligraphy

   County Finance Director Lao Ma, received the nickname “Ma’s Consent” less than two years after taking office. No matter who his subordinates are, as long as they are meaningful to him, what kind of rice slivers, oil bills…, regardless of whether they are indiscriminate, he quickly wrote “agree” with a swipe of a pen. However, the good times did not last long and he was removed from his post… Read More

The official I fear most

  Although I work in the county government of a county, I have never been afraid of officials such as the county mayor, or the mayor and the governor. I remember that I attended some meetings, and many people surrounded the mayor and county magistrate to take pictures, and I dismissed it.  The reason why I am so proud is that I think I can write articles that the mayors can’t.. Read More

Borrowing the daddy storm

   Fang Gang is a junior high school student in Guangming Middle School. He has just changed his head teacher in the new semester. Because he played football at school between classes, he accidentally kicked the glass of nearby residents’ homes to pieces. The new official took office with three fires. The second fire of the head teacher was ignited by Xiaogang. The result was to invite the parents.  It.. Read More

can not explain

It was the evening for dinner with a friend. When paying the bill, I gave a one hundred yuan to the waiter. The waiter looked at the Qian Qian with a “very questionable” look. I couldn’t sit still and said “Are you suspecting that it’s counterfeit money.”  The waiter gave me a white look, obviously complaining, and said, “This is not, sir, next time I hope you don’t give me.. Read More

Hammer you

   A young man proposes to a young woman.  The female said: “I can marry you, but you have to agree to my terms.”   The man said, “No problem, you can mention it, I promise you all.”   “I will go back to your house and not work in the fields.”   “It’s up to you.” The man said.   “I don’t cook.”   “With you.”   “I don’t.. Read More

Mine is not zero

   The math test paper was issued, and the three boys sitting in the back row got zero scores. The reason was that they were not serious about their time and could not do a single question on the test paper.  Two of them looked downcast and looked very worried, thinking about how they would be criticized by the parents at home after returning home. And one person looked at.. Read More

Hole in wicker chair

   Xiao Chen is a new college student in Lizi Township. Because the pen was so hard, the township secretary admired it very much, and he was promoted to the director of the party and government office a year later. This position is important, responsible for all documents, internal work, reception, etc. Of course, the person in this position will also be an affirmative candidate for the deputy head of.. Read More

Embarrassment of twin brothers

Nowadays, some hot words are very popular on the Internet, such as “Can’t afford to hurt”, “You have wood,” and “HOLD live”, but another sentence is very popular in our office-“You are a big double Or Xiaoshuang?” Don’t believe me, listen to me one by one.    It turned out that our office now has a pair of twin brothers working. The elder brother and the elder brother have been.. Read More