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China Telecom Business Office APP free to receive 1 yuan call fee to

Mobile phone download “China Telecom Business Office APP” login APP Click My – Red Packet and enter “XBKDM” redemption code Click to redeem After the successful redemption, there will be a red envelope and click on the red envelope to have a dollar bill for the basic seconds to arrive. The following is a redemption success chart                                  

Grab the students who bought the coupons upstairs to select the recommended price: Yibao Pure water volume 555ml*12 bottles * 2 pieces

[Suning] robbed the students who bought the upstairs ticket to pick up the recommended price:Yibao pure water volume 555ml *12 bottles*2 pieces, 20-8 coupons after 21.8: https://sugs. Six Gods Shower Gel 750ml two bottle set, after 30-15 coupons 16.9: Xiangmanyuan delicious rich and powerful powder 5kg*2 pieces, after 2-15 vouchers 24.8 : White cat lemon black tea detergent 1500g*2 pieces, 20-8 coupons after 12: https :// Blue Moon.. Read More

Cao Cao travel x Jingdong payment activity time August 8 – August 28 activity rules in Cao Cao travel APP with Jingdong payment channel charge

Cao Cao travel x Jingdong paymentEvent time August 8th – August 28thEvent rulesTraveling in Cao Cao APP uses Jingdong payment channel to recharge and enjoy triple discountsPrivate one: use Jingdong to recharge, reduce 10 yuan(1 time per day, 3 times during the event, limited daily first-come-first-served basis) Br>Offer 2: Recharge with Jingdong White Bar, set aside 20 yuan(Only for the participation of Jingdong White Strip users, 1 time per person,.. Read More

China Mobile’s Tanabata Covenant says to receive love messages.

WeChat scan code enters the page and clicks “See the witness” to enter the event page Click to send a love message, then choose the sentence to manually redeem to get 300MB traffic coupons Share your friends for the first time, pay attention to new users. Witness the New Year’s Eve, and get 500MB of traffic 7 working days to arrive, limited to the month of use                                  

China Merchants Bank transfers Guan Ai Zhou to transfer any friends to draw 6 yuan cash lottery tickets and other real objects

Login WeChat-Scan code to enter-Download China Merchants Bank APP- enter the login investment APP, enter the “Transfer and Care Week” activity, transfer any amount, you can participate in the event lottery The number of prizes is limited, first come first served, and the prizes are viewed from my – account – ticket Event time: 2019.8.5-2019.8.15