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10:00 Mengniu SVIP member system Lucky shake a cash red envelope

Go to the homepage and you will see [Lucky Shake] Pick up your mobile phone and grab the red envelope – please go to – my – red envelope; check or withdraw. Start at 10 am every Sunday and go to the point! Get cash red packets and seconds to account Limited time is limited to first come first served; after shaking                                  

China Mobile and Powder Club pump more than 300MB of traffic

WeChat search pays attention to the public number “China Mobile and Powder Club” and then responds to the keyword: Robot You can draw the lottery flow. Xiaobian pro-test 300M traffic is distributed within five working days Event Address: WeChat Search “China Mobile and Powder Club”                                  

Alipay “learning car life” demolition cash red envelope measured 1.26

Alipay APP scans the QR code below to go to the event page to participate in Xiaobian Tip: Each account has 2 red packets. The red envelope is directly sent to the balance of Alipay, the red envelope is not necessarily, basically the first time is easy. 2 of the measured 2, both are more than 1 yuan.                                  

The small program “thanks to the teacher to win the grand prize” to pay 0.01 yuan at least 0.3 yuan

Measured 0.3 yuan, seconds to WeChat change. WeChat tied Jingdong’s participation!Operation steps:WeChat small program search “Thank you for winning the award” into the envelope – then select the gold pen – Jingdong pay 0.01 Then return to the point to open the envelope – the lowest of 0.3 – then pull down the page to withdraw the second at the bottom to                                  

The new user of the vibrating speed version is 1 yuan per second!

1. Alipay or Taobao scan code to enter the download APP-> landing seconds to send more than 1 yuan -> click on the middle to “make money” 2. Cash income -> to withdraw cash -> withdraw 1 yuan -> wait until the account is ready! Fill the invitation code [86629281], you can receive the highest [38 yuan] red envelope                                  

Unicom customer club 2 people fight group to get 500M traffic and 1000M traffic limit Unicom users participate

Only Unicom mobile number users participate! WeChat public number search [Unicom customer club] pay attention to enter the bottom left corner of the “promotional activity” – grab 1000M traffic into the decline can see 500M traffic and 1000M traffic click free to open the group successfully invite friends to get a limited number of traffic first Once you have it, please wait.