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May 1-5 at 0 o’clock BOC APP5 yuan to buy iQiyi / Tencent video / Youku membership monthly card 0 o’clock on-time panic buying

The activity is limited to users with Chinese bank cards. Open the Bank of China APP and enter the bottom of life Pull down to the bottom and you can see the 5 yuan open iQiyi Youku Tencent Video Member! May 1st-5th 0: 0 to grab each area, there are 2,000 places per day, please rush to grab it! Event address: Bank of China APP-Bottom Life-Click on Audio and Video.. Read More

Alipay & Didi travel 15 yuan recharge 20 yuan three net phone charges

1. Alipay search for “Alipay refueling”-after entering, pull down the page-click the 3 yuan red refueling package (If you do n’t have 3 yuan red refilling, try to change the number!) 2. After receiving the success, search for Alipay applet “Small Heart Box”-“Spirit Boy Gold Box” 3. Click here to buy-After you buy it-download the Didi Travel App-log in to your Alipay mobile phone number 4. Click the upper left.. Read More

20:00 Starbucks Earth Day invites you to drink coffee to receive free 150,000 medium cup oatmeal latte 0 yuan redemption voucher

If you like to drink Starbucks or have a store nearby, you can get it You can squat and grab it at 20 o’clock tonight 1, IOS and Android search and download [Starbucks APP] in major application stores 2. Open the APP and register with your mobile phone number. There is an event entrance in the middle of the homepage. Pick up at 8pm tonight , .post-content {font-size: 15px; font-family:.. Read More

IQiyi Gold Member 99 yuan 1 year 50% off for a limited time, both old and new users can suit the needs

Written in the front, this event should not be sent to PLUS members, suitable for just needs! ! Introduction: This is an iQiyi official limited time 50% off event. You can log in to your iQiyi account through the event, and then open an iQiyi golden annual membership. The member is 50% off (ie 99 yuan), It ’s still very cost-effective, you can enter it if you just need it… Read More

Alipay 4.17-19 day 10/12: 00 free of charge Ningbo, Wenzhou, Wuhan consumer coupons, the total amount of 4.35 billion yuan

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Sohu Video Membership + Pistachio 0.01Yuan 2 free physical items

Yesterday you posted a method for Youku members to collect coupons. (Yesterday’s method: Youku members open the APP, in the menu bar Members-VIP benefits-drop down the voucher to find the pistachio 10 yuan voucher) Update one more today: Sohu members open the APP login account number-watch-click on the member above-Huli Club-exclusive benefits (more) and then “Le enjoy life” PS: Sohu video APP registration New users can get Sohu members It.. Read More

WeChat “registered courtesy” event received 2 yuan red envelope, push in seconds

Activity description: This activity is the “registration” launched by the WeChat public account “China Storage Grain Group Company Service Number” “Youli” activity Activity steps: WeChat scan code to follow the public account “China Storage Grain Group Company Service Number”-click “receive red envelopes”-click “receive red envelopes”-click banner –Click “Register”-Enter the corresponding information and click “OK”-Click “Go Now”-Enter the personal information and click “Submit”-Go back to the public account to receive the.. Read More

Alipay pays attention to [China Post Consumer Finance] Life account up to 888 yuan in cash

Alipay APP search follow 【China Post Consumer Finance】 Life Number– Carousel chart 888 yuan into-the probability of drawing red packets will be in the middle! Unlimited identity with large package, measured 0.88 yuan until the balance.          .post-content {font-size: 15px; font-family: ‘Microsoft YaHei’; line-height: 29px; margin: 10px 20px 10px 20px; white-space: normal; word-wrap: break-word;} .post-content img {display: block; margin: 0 auto; width: auto; height: auto; max-width: 100%; max-height: 100%;} .post-content.. Read More

Youku APP member 0.01 yuan to buy 2 physical goods

Event time: unknown end time Activity reward: 0.01 yuan for 2 physical goods Participate immediately: Open the Youku APP to receive a 10 yuan threshold-free coupon to participate, and see the process of writing Note: This event can only be attended by Youku members Detailed process of editing tips: 1. Open the Youku APP, click [Member] at the bottom and then click [VIP Benefits] to go down to find [Pistachio.. Read More