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Apple has a new Face ID patent, even MacBook can face recognition

Windows camp notebooks can be unlocked with fingerprints and Windows Hello, so Apple’s Mac’s Face ID can be used on computers except for Touch ID and Apple Watch. Is it? If this question is placed yesterday, I may only be able to give you an answer of 50/50. But today, the answer I can give is “yes” because Apple submitted it in 2017patent fileI was approved today. ▲ Image from:.. Read More

What did the mobile phone manufacturers at ChinaJoy do?

In 2019, ChinaJoy (hereinafter referred to as CJ) came to an end in Shanghai yesterday. The most striking thing about CJ this year is the cooperation with Tencent Nintendo. But in addition to this, there is also a pavilion that draws the attention of AppSo – that is, the E4 pavilion under Qualcomm’s separate package, including Huawei, OPPO, iQOO, Xiaomi, and Black Shark in this pavilion. ROG, OnePlus, Nubia and.. Read More

Tencent released a scam report: 90 is highly deceived, and people over the age of 45 are defrauded 7,000 yuan

From the sale of tea girls on WeChat to the Joe Polo on the live platform, there are more and more tricks on the Internet. We spend more and more time on social applications, and we are getting more and more strangers, and we will always encounter a few scammers. Tencent has two social softwares, QQ and WeChat, which have taken over almost half of China’s social network. On August.. Read More

A research report points out that most Chrome plugins are not used by anyone at all.

As a browser application with more than two-thirds of the market share, Google Chrome’s dominance in this area is largely untouchable, and the rich and useful extensions are one of the reasons we are willing to choose it. To investigate the invocation of user permissions by these plugins, Extension Monitor Tracked over 180,000 extended apps in the Chrome Store in July and dig into other interesting data. From the analysis.. Read More

New iPhone will be equipped with screen fingerprint recognition, Qualcomm is the best supplier

After forecasting the iPhones in 2019 and 2020, Guo Minghao released againReport, it is predicted that Apple will adopt screen fingerprinting on the 2021 iPhone. The more eye-catching thing is that after adding the screen fingerprint, Apple will continue to save the Face ID. Configuration. In other words, in addition to being able to “fingerprint” to unlock the phone, the user can continue to use the ultra-fast “brush face” recognition… Read More

Interview | He traveled around China, took 100,000 photos, and finally made the first travel book in the App Store.

On the Chinese Internet, the ultra-first-tier cities of the north and the north and the depths of the city, as small as the 18-line small town of the horns, are inevitably have an encyclopedia entry. But you may have discovered it. Until today, there isn’t a refineable guidebook that can be used to quickly understand the customs of the country. Yes, no. Yang Qiyu (@KITTEN-YANG) wants to make one. The.. Read More

What is the difference between Netease’s game members and video music members?

Roughly, I have at least ten kinds of membership services for various Internet services. The video sites have B stations, Tencent videos and iQiyi, and the music service has Netease Cloud Music’s vinyl VIP, and I subscribed to Apple Music, and other members include e-commerce, take-out, reading, and more. If you count the game cards every day to collect diamonds and the like, then more. It can be said that.. Read More

Dialogue freight platform “cargo pull”: App is the base camp, the small program is the new leader

“Looking for goods and looking for goods,” this sentence was more and more known in 2019. If you are in Guangzhou, you will see the orange van passing by inadvertently, with the slogan and the words “cargo”. The rapid development of the mobile Internet has continuously refreshed the traditional industry trading methods, and logistics and freight transportation has become more efficient and convenient like Drip. Lala is a platform that.. Read More