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Can you accept renting and getting married? Come take a look at the results presented by big data

60.6% of men can accept renting marriages, while only 44.9% of women are willing to rent renting marriages. May 20, 520, homophonic “I love you”, many lovers with a longing for love and marriage On this day, expressing sweet love to each other, and also began to plan an important moment to buy a wedding room and happy home. Marriage is the basis for young people to start a family.. Read More

To overcome the anxiety cycle, your best weapon is curiosity

interest. To distinguish between “out of curiosity” and “out of interest curiosity”, a simple way is to observe how they feel in your body. Uneasy curiosity will push or drive you to act, while interested curiosity shows a more active state. With curiosity out of interest, you will not be in a hurry or panic, because you do not have to achieve a certain purpose. Now try it yourself. Touch.. Read More

Krypton Evening News | Alibaba invests 10 billion to layout AIoT; ByteDance is valued at over 100 billion US dollars in non-public stock transactions; ThinkPad X1 series of new products are officially released

Some full-time stores will be operated by good neighbors in the form of cooperation, and the full-time brand will still retain big companies Alibaba invests 10 billion to deploy AIoT, focusing on establishing Tmall Genie ecology I learned that Alibaba announced today that it will invest 10 billion yuan to fully deploy the AIoT and content ecology areas around the Tmall Genie. Tmall Genie will connect to the Ali economy.. Read More

Results Express | Xiaomi’s Q1 revenue and net profit exceeded expectations, with overseas market revenue accounting for 50%

Xiaomi shipped 29.2 million smartphones this quarter, a year-on-year increase of 4.7%. After the Hong Kong stock market on May 20, Xiaomi Group (1810.HK, hereinafter referred to as “Xiaomi”) released its first quarter earnings report for 2020. Xiaomi ’s revenue for the quarter was 49.702 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 13.6%, higher than Bloomberg Unanimously expected (478.67 billion yuan); adjusted net profit for the quarter was 2.3 billion yuan,.. Read More

Focus Analysis 丨 Ping An Good Doctor: To grow, not to founders

The final reorganization and merger of each company paved the way. In the Internet medical system, due to long-term policy constraints, payment has been the last link in the entire system that is difficult to close. Nowadays, medical insurance access to online payment is released, and the Ping An Good Doctor who holds the user and the Ping An Medical Insurance Technology on the payment side seem to come together… Read More

Forefront | Yingke completed the 42nd share repurchase during the year, accumulating 73.44 million shares

Yingke has repurchased shares again. Yingke will repurchase shares during the year. I learned that Yingke announced on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange that the company repurchased 246,000 shares at HK $ 1.02-1.04 per share on May 19, with a total cost of HK $ 253.78 million . It is worth noting that since 2020, Yingke has carried out 42 stock repurchases, with a cumulative repurchase of 74.343 million shares,.. Read More

Six recommendations for Chinese companies to go overseas in the post-epidemic era

In an uncertain environment, what will happen to different markets? Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” rich way comfortable “(ID: futu-ie) , author: Peter Chou Liao Yayun. Image source: Futu Anyi Since 2020, the epidemic has affected the whole world. Chinese companies have encountered a crisis of confidence in the US market. Under such an environment full of uncertainty, what changes will occur in different markets.. Read More

Developed intelligent vision sensor SoC based on brain-like computing, “SynSense” entered the smart home market

The offline solution is used for light-weight interaction. Compared with the cloud transmission method, it achieves lower power consumption, lower latency and lower cost. Brain-like computing is an emerging computing method, because it can greatly improve real-time data processing, machine online learning capabilities, and achieve smaller energy consumption and volume. It is considered to be able to lead artificial intelligence and computer miniaturization. One stage. Intel, IBM, Qualcomm and other.. Read More

Forefront | Alipay continues to revise and open up centralized traffic, third-party applets can enter the home page

“Centralized traffic” is more centralized and controllable. Revision Upgrading to a digital life service platform For two months, Alipay has continued to participate in the promotion of the digitalization of China ’s service industry process. On May 20, Alipay held a partner conference online, which introduced some of the third-party partners ’ cases during the epidemic, and also exposed the digital consumption of local governments. The results of coupon issuance… Read More

Is Chinese SaaS doing PaaS, is it a pseudo concept or a real demand?

After reading its source code, there is really no tall mathematics in it, which is much simpler than the current artificial intelligence. Some big data technologies invented by Google are also developed based on practice. These are the cornerstones of cloud computing and big data computing. However, the artificial intelligence companies that have invested a lot of money in real money recently have caused a large number of enterprises to.. Read More