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Sony has also launched new cameras and lenses, half of the large aperture standard and APS-C flagship micro-single finally appeared.

On the evening of August 28, Sony introduced two APS-C format micro-cameras α6600 and α6600. As previously predicted, the α6600’s body design is closer to the new generation of α7 series. The α6600 has a larger grip handle that provides a more sleek feel to the grip. In addition, the larger handle is also designed to accommodate larger batteries, so the α6600 is also the first in the Sony α6X00.. Read More

Skyworth has released two new TVs to fully deploy the AIoT appliance ecosystem

This year, the technology industry has seen a big trend. The mobile phone industry has begun to transform into TV, and traditional TV companies have begun to transform to build AIoT. For a time, 90% of domestic technology companies are moving towards the goal of AIOT. It is not a set of ecology or a road to research and development. Even the old technology companies have begun to transform into.. Read More

Is the ideal ONE so good?

The ideal car, it can be said that this year is the most highly anticipated new car player. Two months before the mass production was delivered, the ideal car opened the road test drive for the first production car ONE of the media. According to the media voice of the previous period, it can be said that the praise is “a mess.” The readers of the Dong Che Club clearly.. Read More

Want to disappear from the Internet? Maybe an avatar will sell you.

When some people hang their own luxury villas on the Internet and share their travel photos, each dynamic must be positioned, as if only through the network can prove their existence, some people think about how to The Internet disappears and people are not allowed to know their existence. Indeed, in the face of terrible human flesh incidents, it is possible to “find you along the network cable.” Therefore, more.. Read More

Hot clothes can also prevent mosquito bites? Graphene material has double protection against mosquitoes

The closing ceremony of the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in 2018, the temperature is very low. The performer of “Beijing 8 Minutes” completed the performance task satisfactorily under low temperature conditions. The smart materials that help them withstand the cold weather are graphene. It is the thinnest but hardest nanomaterial in the world. It is almost completely transparent and absorbs only 2.3% of light. Its thermal conductivity is as high as.. Read More

Meizu 16s Pro experience: not outstanding in the Android flagship, 2699 yuan is a surprise

After a year of polishing, Meizu 16s Pro was released. Like Meizu 16s, the updated Meizu 16s Pro is still on the line of “not in the public”. In the flagship of the Alien Screen, Meizu’s complete and standard 18.6:9 full screen has become the highlight of the 16s Pro. After replacing the Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 Plus and the rear three shots, the Meizu 16s Pro also has the ability.. Read More

Online Age Surfing Children’s Book of the Digital Age: Selected, Netred, Protected

this article comes from the public number media (ID:quanmeipai), author Tencent Media, Ai Faner authorized release. “You can’t see this.” Back to 20 years ago, you must have heard the warnings of your parents. At that time everything was slow, the fairy tale book was slow, the animation was slow, and the net was slow. In exchange for today’s children, TA may have had multiple digital avatars, and at a.. Read More

Interview with Meizu Flyme, the person in charge: We will not meet the current 90 points, always pursue 100 points

When I arrived at the Meizu Building in Zhuhai, it was the lunch break of the Flyme team. The Meizu office, which was lit up by the curtains, was deep and quiet. After half an hour, after the time of the interview with the Meizu Flyme leader, I went from the lounge to the office and just passed the Flyme staff’s office. At this time, it is another kind of.. Read More

Capital is the antidote of WeWork and its poison

This article comes from 36 氪 compilation team “God Translation Bureau”, translator is scale, love Fan Er is authorized to publish. WeWork is going to go public, how do you view the company’s development prospects? Recently, famous analyst Ben Thompson published an article entitled “The WeWork IPO” on his official blog to analyze the giant players in the shared office field. He believes that WeWork’s development potential can be viewed.. Read More

Can you fool the face recognition system by sticking a sheet of paper? FaceID has been killed

This article comes from WeChat public account “Quarter” (ID: QbitAI), author of fish sheep, chestnuts, Love Fan is authorized to publish. Do you know that when you put a note on your head, AI can’t see that you are a person. For example, there is a sister here, discovered by the face recognition system ArcFace: So she posted a note on her head. Face recognition doesn’t take her as a.. Read More