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Unlimited packages that people love and hate are canceled.

The “unlimited traffic” package of the three major operators has not been lacking in the market for several years, but it has also caused a lot of squandering due to the fact that the traffic limit is exceeded. However, in the future, you may not even have the opportunity to spit. No, because the unlimited traffic package is likely to be history. ▲ Image from: Sina The first thing to.. Read More

The past July is the hottest month in human history.

In July 2019, we spent the hottest month in human history. This news has been world weather The organization was released last Thursday, confirming the fact that the global climate is accelerating warming. UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said at a news conference that the global average temperature in July this year has exceeded the record of the hottest month in history, 1.2 degrees higher than the pre-industrial period, already very.. Read More

France’s “Iron Man” is completed across the English Channel, and equipment is expected to be used in future anti-terrorism operations.

Humans can finally fly in the air like Iron Man, but the reality of “Iron Man” is not The American billionaire, but the French inventor Franky Zapata (Frank Zapata). ▲Image from: BBC Beijing time on August 4th, 40-year-old Zapata passed the air jet device Flyboard Air The speed of 106 miles per hour (170 kilometers per hour) successfully crossed the 35.4 km of the English Channel, which took 22 minutes,.. Read More

You can easily learn Japanese without paying tuition fees. These two Japanese learning applets are enough.

Every year, many people travel to Japan. The natural geographical advantage and friendly and welcoming service attitude make Japan very popular among the young people’s overseas travel choices. But I know that a one-size-fits-all trip is not for you, and it is not enough to satisfy your curious eyes, the heart of exploration. What you want is to communicate with the locals in an unobstructed way, and enjoy a trip.. Read More

China’s first 5G mobile phone for sale / new iPhone or released on September 10 / “True Iron Man” successfully flew over the English Channel

The first domestic 5G mobile phone is officially on sale Sina TechnologyInterest, this morning, the first domestic 5G mobile phone officially launched. It is reported that this mobile phone is a ZTE Axon 10 Pro 5G mobile phone, priced at 4,999 yuan, sold at Suning Tesco Plaza, Ciyun Temple, Beijing. Yang Shiqi, a 78-year-old engineer, was the first consumer in China to start a 5G mobile phone. He handled the.. Read More

Behind the 10M Lite Album App is Google’s next billion market

From the launch of the Google I/O conference in 2015 to four years ago, Google Photos has become Google’s ninth product to reach 1 billion users after Android, Gmail, and YouTube. Now, Google is also starting to plan for its next billion users, and this attempt is Gallery Go, a gallery app that has no regional restrictions and can be used offline. Gallery Go’s full name in the Play Store.. Read More

A comprehensive summary of the week before the release, we will see what Galaxy Note10 will be next week.

In less than half a week, the Samsung Galaxy Note10 will be released. But before the press conference, all kinds of news broke the Galaxy Note10 new machine. Whether it’s styling or configuration and new interactions, the Galaxy Note10 has changed a lot. For example, the Galaxy Note10 will be the first to use a vertical three-shot design, and will be the first Galaxy Note phone to cancel the 3.5mm.. Read More

In order to save the British bar, someone developed a bar-specific facial recognition system.

Full-screen mobile phones make facial recognition technology popular among consumers, and the application scenarios of facial recognition in life are becoming wider and wider. From the security check at the airport to the face payment in the mall, I believe many people are no strangers. Recently, a data science company in the UK, DataSparQ, developed a facial recognition system for bars AI Bar, which automatically identifies bar-age customers ages and.. Read More