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Symptoms are not relieved after taking medicine for a week

Problem description: Hello, my name is Guo Jiali. I went to your place to see cervical spondylosis last week. My dizziness did not improve after taking the medicine for a week. The blood pressure is a little high these days. Is it medicine?Question date:2020-11-09 Patient information:Age: 33 years old Gender: FemaleQuestion Analysis: Hello, your blood pressure is a little high now. It is recommended to measure the blood pressure for.. Read More

The baby has a stuffy nose, and it will not get better after taking the medicine.

Problem description: The baby is three months old and has a cold for almost one month. He took Hutong and Amoxicillin. Later, it was checked for viral infection. It has been almost a month since he took Ribavirin. Stuffed nose, have you ever gone to the hospital for treatment: Have been to the township health center, the Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine. Current medication instructions: I am taking medication, one.. Read More

The child was 5 years old. He had blood in his stool last year, and the blood was bright red. He had a colonoscopy in Heze.

Problem description: The child was 5 years old. He had blood in his stool last year, and the blood was bright red. He underwent colonoscopy in Heze. I didn’t find out anything, and there was no treatment afterwards. Similar symptoms appeared in the last 3 days. Date of problem: 2020-11-09 Patient information: Age: 5 years old, Gender: FemaleProblem analysis:Hello, if the stool is bloody and the colonoscopy result is normal,.. Read More

Hello, our child was diagnosed with a meniscus injury with a slight effusion, after

Problem description: Hello, our child was diagnosed with a meniscus injury, with a slight effusion, and no pain after treatment. As a result, the pain deepened after the second physical therapy. What is the situation?< br />Question date:2020-11-09 Patient information:Age: 17 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis:< /b>Hello, this situation may not be completely repaired, you can do another MRI to see the recovery. Guidance suggestion: It may also be that.. Read More

The three-month-old baby has caught a cold for almost a month and has a stuffy nose and can’t sleep.

Problem description: The three-month-old baby has a cold for almost one month, has a stuffy nose and can’t sleep. Check for a virus infection. After taking ribavirin, it has been five days for paracetamol, or It’s not good, I’m getting more and more tossing at night, Question date:2020-11-09 Patient information:Age: March Gender: Male< br />Problem analysis: In fact, the recovery of virus infection in the body always takes a period.. Read More

Baby chat and birthmark

Problem description: Child birthmark ~ I want to take it for reviewQuestion date: 2020-11-09 Patient information:Age: 3 years old Gender: FemaleProblem analysis: Hello, from the picture, this symptom of the baby cannot be ruled out as a symptom of a birthmark. Guide and suggestion: It is best to take the child to the local regular top three hospital dermatology department for treatment as soon as possible. Early treatment is good.. Read More

My stomach hurts recently. I get up in the morning and feel sick. I usually sit down.

Problem description: Recently, my stomach was twisting and painful. I woke up in the morning and felt nauseous. I usually don’t get motion sickness or nausea in the car. Now I am nauseous and dizzy in the car. The color is darker and lighter. What’s going on? I’m not sure if I’m pregnant. When will I go for a blood test to confirm my pregnancy. My period is delayed the.. Read More

Yesterday I woke up after taking a nap at noon and my testicles hurt when I touched it.

Problem description: Yesterday I got up after a nap at noon and my testicles hurt as soon as I touched it. By the next day, there was no morning erection. Date of the problem:2020 -11-09 Patient information: Age: 17 years old Gender: MaleProblem analysis: Hello, according to your description, then this The situation may indicate the possibility of orchitis or prostatitis and testicular pain, because inflammation may affect morning erection.. Read More

The measured value of jaundice is higher when the baby is born 4 days later.

Problem description: 4 days after the baby is born, the jaundice value is 269 on the forehead and 299 on the chest. The baby is breast-feeding and has normal bowel movements. Can taking medicine subside? Question date:2020-11-09 Patient information:Age: January Gender: MaleQuestion analysis: Hello, if Baoma does not have blood type O and does not have hemolytic disease, she can take jaundice medicine for relief. Generally, it depends on the.. Read More

The girl is 15 years old, 31 weeks pregnant, can I induce labor, because of this age

Question description: The girl is 15 years old and 31 weeks pregnant. Can I induce labor? Because this age is really too young, the child is also very troublesome to take care of the child.Question date:2020-11-09 Patient information:Age: 15 years old Gender: MaleQuestion analysis:Patient inquiry: 15-year-old child is 31 weeks pregnant , Can you induce labor? This age is too young! Guidelines: The children of this month may survive when.. Read More