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Foam is scattered, no master

The storyteller, honestly rely on the mouth to make money. Don’t be self-righteous because of being a good teacher. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number ” Bad Radar” (ID: badradar), author Hu Han Marvin. 1 Because of the optimistic storm, optimistic about LeTV and Hammer, Luo Zhenyu has been frequently ridiculed. A media-based expert’s excavation exhibition. In fact, Luo Zhenyu’s list of books is actually not of.. Read More

The logic behind Baidu’s series of big adjustments

The operational capabilities of an enterprise are also determined by organizational capabilities. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “chasing books” (ID: Luanbooks), author Pan Cao Cheng Tianyi. The original title is “ Baidu is refreshing: 40,000 people start a new long march. I wrote an article about “Baidu has no culture” last year. I believe that the problem of Baidu’s mobile transformation is essentially a lack.. Read More

Beauty filter: a great invention for the benefit of Chinese women

The need for beauty, camouflage, and avatars can be seen as a complicity between men and women. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Airline Agency” ( ID: lifeissohappy), author book. “His Champion” is not revealing his face in real time, exposing his true age. She later admitted that it was hype. This has been a week, so I want to talk about the starting point of everything.. Read More

Interactive animation “Gypsum Island” to explore the “hybrid business model” of interactive video games

Interactive video games as a new track are hot. “Gypsum Island” is a 3D interactive video game made by Shenzhen gust digital art co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Gust Digital”). It is also their first IP animation, telling a story. The story that happened on the mysterious island. Gypsum Island Scene Map “Gyphoon Digital” was established in May 2019. The services provided include: interactive film and television R&D, game.. Read More

For the B-end products, how to successfully carry out the workshop?

Workshop, which is what we often call demand visits. In the workshop, the two parties will conduct preliminary communication and evaluation of the product requirements. The author combines his own experience and talks with us about the demand access of the B-end products. Editor’s note: This article is from Everyone is a product manager, Author, reprinted with authorization. 1. What is workshop The students of the B-end product/demand analysis must.. Read More

Apple Card Customer Agreement: Prohibition of jailbreak, not for betting and virtual currency

Although we can’t use the credit card issued by Apple in a short time, Apple Card has always been a lack of attention as Apple’s thinnest product. Recently, the Apple Card credit card was announced on the Goldman Sachs website Customer Agreement once again caused concern. Although the number of people who have “jailbroken” is much less than before, the agreement has still banned cardholders from “jailbreaking”. If you make.. Read More

Litecoin is expected to be halved tonight, after the halving, the mining machine will become scrap iron?

Month 4: $65 to $94.3, an increase of 45%; May 23 to May 26: $86 to $116, an increase of 35%; June 7 to June 12: $103 to $140, a 36% increase. For the market trend after the LTC halved, the Odaily Planet Daily collected opinions from several analysts. Most analysts believe that the halving of the market is almost the same, and there should be a callback after landing,.. Read More

The license is there, 5G is on, it is time to look at Samsung’s new technology.

A brief history of Samsung 5G. On June 6, 2019, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology issued a 5G commercial license, and the 5G commercial process in China was further accelerated. On the other hand, in the process of promoting the development of 5G, Samsung can spare no effort. With the advantages in the fields of chips, core networks, terminal equipment and wireless solutions, it will become one of.. Read More

Didi plans to set up a private bank, registered in Tianjin

Following the acquisition of online small loans, insurance, payment, and financial leasing licenses, Xinliu Finance recently learned that Drip is planning to take a banking license and intends to launch a private bank. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account. “New Flow Finance” (ID: xinliucaijing), author Xiao Huizhen. Drip has never given up the dream of becoming a financial unicorn. Of course, the premise of becoming a unicorn.. Read More