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Yugou Liang Xue will not be a net red

After three years of hard work and quick hands, can yoga really help Yugou Liang get rid of poverty and become rich? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Fueling Finance” (ID: rancaijing ), author Yan Lijiao, editor Su Qi On the dam of minus 20 degrees, it is easy to imagine a handstand without any assistance. It is hard to imagine that this action is an old.. Read More

The front line | 5G mobile phone officially launched, Jingdong Suning “squatting” to compete for the first single deal

Whoever sells the first 5G phone first is still a puzzle. The name of “the nation’s first single 5G mobile phone seller” has made the two e-commerce platforms stunned. Buyers also spent a sleepless night. August 5th, China’s first 5G mobile phone ZTE Tianxing Axon 10 Pro 5G version is officially on sale. Suning Tesco Square in Ciyun Temple, Chaoyang District, Beijing. 78-year-oldYang Shiqi is wearing a star on the.. Read More

The track is broadly to be created, and the moonlight lens seizes the strategic opportunity

Xie Gongxiao, chairman of Mingyue Lens: “It was originally one kilometer wide and one meter deep. Now it is only one meter wide, ten kilometers deep and one hundred kilometers deep.” Jumping out of the price war trap, Mingyue Lens is moving towards the first brand of Chinese lenses. Targeting and Leading Strategy China’s Enterprise Practice Enlightenment 8 Permanently withdraw from price war, Mingyue Lens will become the first brand.. Read More

“Where” can’t make the country rise.

540,756″> And the reason why “Where” can become a good commercial animation, can not be separated from the speculation of comedy elements in the content production, open to see the fact that the story itself is too shallow. Most of the “tap water” is actually a reflexive screaming support for the country’s passers-by speech. But what is reflected in the excessive blow is that there are very few true passers-by.. Read More

From difficulty to problem: the problem is good, the answer is half

How to find the real problem? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Kizhi School” (ID: openmindclub), author Hidden; authorized to reprint. The question is well raised and the answer is half. Difficulties and problems A-Gump said that life is like a box of chocolates. Yes, the taste of life will indeed be full of “bitterness”, plus “God will never dig into the minds of human beings”, and.. Read More

You can easily learn Japanese without paying tuition fees. These two Japanese learning applets are enough.

Every year, many people travel to Japan. The natural geographical advantage and friendly and welcoming service attitude make Japan very popular among the young people’s overseas travel choices. But I know that a one-size-fits-all trip is not for you, and it is not enough to satisfy your curious eyes, the heart of exploration. What you want is to communicate with the locals in an unobstructed way, and enjoy a trip.. Read More

Backed by state-owned enterprises, can Indonesian e-wallet LinkAja be able to come later?

In order to advance inclusive finance, LinkAja is willing to work with any platform or institution that is consistent with its goals. Edit: Yu Meng Editor’s note: The author of this article Khamila Mulia , This article is from English station KrASIA, Original title:LinkAja CEO Danu Wicaksana: Ready to be The biggest mobile payment platform in Indonesia Going to the sea (ID: wow36krchuhai) Summary points: LinkAja’s goal is not to.. Read More