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DoraHacks – AI Change Developer Recruitment

Future developers will be the most common profession, and in the process of technology transformation, almost every enterprise needs developers. July 19-21, DoraHacks, one of the world’s most active geeks, organized the “fourth industrial revolution” in Shanghai, Hackathon, which is reported to be China’s largest geek to date. marathon. Hackathon originated in the early days of the open source movement and emerged with the spread of global open source collaboration.. Read More

A research report points out that most Chrome plugins are not used by anyone at all.

As a browser application with more than two-thirds of the market share, Google Chrome’s dominance in this area is largely untouchable, and the rich and useful extensions are one of the reasons we are willing to choose it. To investigate the invocation of user permissions by these plugins, Extension Monitor Tracked over 180,000 extended apps in the Chrome Store in July and dig into other interesting data. From the analysis.. Read More

Forefront | Softbank President exposed the new iPhone pre-sale time, iPhone11 is cheaper

According to foreign media, the price of the three models of the iPhone 11 is: 5181 yuan, 6911 yuan, 7603 yuan, The most concerned model of the mobile phone market in the second half of the year is the release of the new iPhone. As usual, Apple’s new product launch time is usually on a Tuesday or Wednesday in September and is pre-sold on the second Friday, but on August.. Read More

Another home appliance dealer “lost”

This home appliance dealer is a little “missing” and is still hiring. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “New retail” (ID: ixinlingshou ), author Chen Xinsheng. Recently, a number of consumers broke the news to “”. A e-commerce platform called “Extraluxury” does not ship, no refund, contact customer service and responsible person. The e-commerce platform is suspected of “closing down”. Mr. Duan (pseudonym) from Hebei Province told.. Read More

The best way to improve team efficiency is to have more rest for employees.

Do not take the initiative to rest, sooner or later passive rest The Translation Bureau is a compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, new trends. Editor’s note: We all have experience of working long hours, whether it is active or forced. But in any case, you must know that rest is actually a very useful way to improve.. Read More

71% of the 95th has been “out of the single”, this Tanabata viewing data tells you who is watching a movie

Literary Youth “Long Years” Single Editor’s Note: This article is from WeChat public account “Every video < /a>”(ID:meijingyingshi), author Bi Yuanyuan, Zhang Chunnan, editor Du Yi. With the approach of Tanabata, the days of “dog abuse” are coming again. I don’t know how the “empty nesters” after 85 and 90 saw what they thought, but the data from the Taobao ticket and the Lighthouse Professional Edition showed that 71% of.. Read More

How to define the MVP of the B-end product (on)

This is the first part of the principle series. The author wants to systematically sort out some experience in TO B product management, design, development and operation. I hope to share with you and learn. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “SaaS product theory”, author Li Donglin , authorized to reprint. MVP is the abbreviation of Minimum Viable Product, which means the smallest feasible product. In the.. Read More

After the 95th sneaker market! How do shopping centers seize this business opportunity?

China’s tide shoe market is growing rapidly Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “RET Rui Yi-de “(ID: retweixin) , author: here yes. In recent days, many commercial real estate people’s circle of friends have been screened by a message: “The sneaker business has exploded.” At the end of July, the global sneakers and trend singles trading platform GOAT announced its entry into the Chinese market in Shanghai… Read More

How do you do business well in social travel?

In-depth analysis of how to do a good job in social product marketing. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Going to sea operations” (ID: chuhaiyunying), and by go out to sea and ask for a joint arrangement with the sea operations. Question overview Part 1 Re-recognizing social/community Defining the difference between “social” and “community”? What are the different characteristics of the different modes of “social” and “community”?.. Read More