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Reading | Real good products, we must understand human nature

Emotional products are rooted in people, not technology. Specially set up a [Reading] section for reading, screening some books worth reading, and providing some summaries. I hope that you have a book on your hand to let the movement of reading continue. Today’s headline founder Zhang Yiming once made a micro headline saying: Imagination is the sky, empathy is the foundation. This will make a useful and brilliant product. Ethicalism.. Read More

Kicking off the four stumbling blocks on the road to expansion of startups

There must be courage to face the problem, but also a means to solve the problem. Introduction: Startups want to grow and expand, there will be many difficulties, these may be team, revenue growth, opening up new markets, system collapse. Christa Quarles, a former leader in startups such as OpenTable and Playdom, combined his own experience to tell how to kick off the stumbling block on the road to expansion.. Read More

Half price for a new iPhone, revealing the Tmall for easy change

The ultimate pleasure of shopping is to do whatever you want, and “changing” can satisfy the user’s pleasure. In five years of entrepreneurship, Zheng Liqun and the team have established a firm foothold. However, at this time, the mobile phone recycling and trade-in industry in which it is located has gone from silence to silence, and the trillion market has ushered in the collective intrusion of Internet giants and startup.. Read More

The underlying logic of the rapid growth of Internet operations, I personally practiced the “syllogism”

Do you have your own underlying logic? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “Liu Yudong’s Operation Notes” (ID: liu17701793970), author Liu Yudong. I will be writing a series of instructive articles about how Internet operators are growing fast in the near future. These articles are all from my personal experience and practical summary of my work for many years, to help colleagues who are still struggling.. Read More

How to build a successful brand?

The biggest difference between a brand and a product is that the product is placed on the shelf, and the brand exists in the mind of the customer. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “empty hand” (ID: firesteal13) The author is empty-handed. Authorized to reprint. We talk about brands every day, words such as brand personality, brand image, brand awareness, brand experience, brand value, brand attitude, brand.. Read More

Said that the sales theory of more than one hundred years should have evolved.

In the interests of the customer, make every step of the customer service Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “Silicon Valley Sales Institute” (ID: WinningByDesign), author of Silicon Valley Blueprint Patrick. The original title is “ Sales must evolve.” 01 I am doing the Silicon Valley Blueprint because I have been doing business and sales management for 25 years. The strong feeling is that if I.. Read More

In exchange for $10 in browser data, what exactly does Amazon look like for you?

What you think is your own data, may not belong to you The Translation Bureau is a compilation team, focusing on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, new wind direction. Editor’s note: According to Amazon’s operation, consumers can exchange their browser data for $10 worth of points, which is an investment for Amazon, but the reason is definitely more than just The.. Read More