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14 days to build a “sustainable profitable” membership system

How to design a good paid membership policy? We call it “flower-de-province-enjoyment”. 文/胡兴民 “Super User” has become a hot word in the second half of the Internet, In addition to high traffic, high cost, high turnover rate, low repurchase rate, and reduced profit are the common industry The pain point is especially true in the retail industry. The company is talking about pulling new channels all day long. In fact,.. Read More

Make an appointment with Tencent Video and Suning super member to draw a grand prize 98 yuan a key double open to reduce 399 yuan

Mobile phone scan code – log in to Suning Tesco APP, complete the appointment in the appointment activity page, and at 209.8.17, 20:00-2019.8. On the 20th, 23:59 Successful opening of joint members, you can get the lucky draw. View prizes from Suning Tesco APP-My Tesco-SUPER member channel View in the head message notification/super featured event                                  

What industry is getting older and more fragrant? 32 years old, low education, no experience, want to work long-term

Learn about the Internet… When I was a lecturer at a training institution, who was the most difficult student to find? The young people who are not inexperienced with a blank sheet of paper are precisely the old accountants with old experience and no brains… Think about it? The experience and skills of more than 20 years ago can be worth a few dollars today? You said that if you.. Read More

Starting | How to manage the notes on Kindle and WeChat reading? These Google engineers came up with a good idea.

Developers are the backbone of the mobile Internet ecosystem. They are tough and courageous. They adhere to the right values ​​and believe that innovation can create value. AppSo is also the same, we hope that those developers with valuable quality, and their products with flash points, can be seen by more people. AppSo invites great developers every week to talk to them about interesting and moving stories in the process.. Read More

Is it necessary to buy a 500 yuan yuan to buy a funeral?

Have you ever heard the saying that the sun-smelling taste after sun quilt is actually emitted by the body of the locust. This statement breaks the romantic fantasies of many people, but it is roughly correct. According to the analysis conclusion of the 2009 Science Squirrel Society, strictly speaking, this is actually the smell of microbes that are dead and mixed with ozone. From this conclusion we can get two.. Read More

Class, scene, crowd, closed loop… “five-step mentality” for dismantling private traffic

This article comes from the public wave of new consumption (ID: lcxinxiaofei), sharer Liu Xin, finishing The original is broken, and the program is authorized to be released. Private domain traffic has recently exploded… Obviously, as the growth rate of public domain traffic such as Taobao and Baidu peaked, the cost continued to increase, and the traditional user growth model gradually failed. In contrast, low-cost, freely accessible “private traffic” has.. Read More

Read this war for free, laugh at the last possibility or read the article

Free reading has been a hot new field since 2018. Who is the last person who laughs? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Internet and entertainment geeks” ( ID: TMTphantom), author Yu Pei. (This article only represents the personal views of the head of the thief group, does not represent the views of its service agencies, and does not constitute investment advice. It is only for the.. Read More

A poor customer service ruined half of the operation: talk about those lack of “human flavor” game customer service

“Robot” customer service is responsive, but not fascinating; sometimes, they will be resentful. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Game Grapes” (ID: youxiputao ), the author of Fiss. Authorized to publish. “We would rather have more than a few days of ‘liver’ code, and don’t want to do another minute of customer service.” A M has complained with Grape King. At that time, his leading game was.. Read More

Launched AI-MDT expert intelligent health management system, “Zhongkang Information” will use the medical examination institution as the entrance to help users establish “health passport”

Establish an accurate health management matrix. The arrival of an aging society has made more and more attention to chronic disease management. According to the requirements of national graded medical treatment, medical institutions, pharmacies and community health management agencies will become the entrance to residents’ health management in the future (after family scenes) , they will play an important role in preventing and controlling a series of chronic diseases such.. Read More