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Binding with the college employment office to occupy the traffic end, “job hunting together” to complete the million A round of financing

Pre-employment education/vocational education faces the problem of user loss and continuous customer acquisition due to the particularity of its service categories. Most of these companies have very poor repurchase status, and on the other hand, service effect and repurchase behavior There is a paradox. It is learned that the college student job search service platform “joining a job” has recently completed a million RMB A round of financing, led by.. Read More

Apple smart watch pushes sleep tracking function Burrito, monitors sleep quality

While sleeping, Apple Watch uses multiple sensors and inputs to track the user’s sleep quality, including activity, heart rate and noise during sleep. Editor’s note: This article is from “Tencent Technology”, Review: Gold Deer, authorized to reprint. September 3, according to foreign media reports, there have been many speculations about Apple’s smart watch Apple Watch may introduce sleep tracking function, especially after Apple acquired sleep monitoring products and supporting application.. Read More

Tide Technology | Is the cubic star weak? Is the experimental star because of poor ability? There is a different opinion here.

Is the key to low-cost commercial space, the market is commercial space boosters The author: Institute CEO Yang Feng-day instrument Edit: Shi Yaqiong ****** Commercial aerospace is not familiar to the general public because it looks “high on the ground” and “ungrounded,” Therefore, the outside world often has various misunderstandings about this industry. question. I put all kinds of common misunderstandings and doubts, into a FAQ for your reference. Question.. Read More

European Space Agency urgently turns to satellites to avoid “crash” with SpaceX broadband satellites

SpaceX launched its first batch of 60 broadband satellites in May this year, a move that temporarily led Amazon’s head, Bezos. Editor’s note: This article is from “Tencent Technology”, review: Cheng Hey, authorized to reprint. Before, Musk and SpaceX have proposed a grand plan to launch more than 4,400 satellites into the space orbit, providing broadband Internet access to the ground population, but this plan has caused some controversy, such.. Read More

“Bankruptcy” 8 months of Jin Li “resurrection”? Released new mobile phone M11 series

Netizen: Thanks to Xue Zhiqian… Editor’s note: This article is from Daily Economic News (ID: nbdnews) , author: Sun Zhicheng. (Original title: “Bankruptcy” 8 months of Kim Kyung “Resurrection”? Release a new mobile phone, netizen: Thanks to Xue Zhiqian…) Image Source: Every reporter Liu Ling photo At the end of last year, the old domestic mobile phone brand Gionee lost more than a billion fires because of the chairman’s gambling… Read More

Welcome to the new world of polarization: the real China in the mid-season

In the stock economy, there is no hello, I am good, everyone, every performance behind Changhong, is more of a lost horse. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “Zhulou Banquet” (ID: the_great_time), author David Weng. Before the interim season, investors were very upset. Public relations and public speech can be blown by the sky, but it can be written in black and white. The performance of thunder.. Read More