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Focus analysis 丨 discolored shared bike, scented giant game

Sharing the second half of the bicycle, the winner may be to eat melons. Author Qiu Xiaofen Editing Yang Lin In the summer of 2019, shared bicycles with different colors on the road during commuting, which means that this market has already opened a new round of reduction, replacement, and even clearing – white is ha From the former ofo, it became the new color of the Moby, and the.. Read More

Financing Partner Shortlisted Project | Helping customers to lay the data foundation, data governance company “Yujifang” achieved double annual revenue growth

The data governance market has reached the order of 10 billion yuan. 文 | Small bean bag Edit | Mediterranean Blue Founded in December 2014, Yujifang is a data governance training and software development service provider.Business is publishing, training, certification, consulting and software development in the field of data governance. , Helping enterprise customers in various industries to lay a good foundation for data and improve data quality. The company’s.. Read More

Can’t balance these two points, talk about leadership

CEOs who are addicted to the details, it is difficult to make big decisions. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Notesman” (ID: Notesman), author David B. Yufe, editor Ma Chang. Beijing time, in the early morning of August 30, Apple finally got a hammer, and the news of “Autumn new product launch time is determined” has knocked out the inconvenience of countless people. The death of “Joe.. Read More

Android 10 getting started: you don’t have to envy the iPhone’s gestures anymore.

Six months ago, we experienced the first beta version of Android 10 , when Google only released new The function display, the situation of catastrophic, fever and flashback have occurred, and only users who dare to eat crabs can taste fresh. After six iterations of the beta, on September 4th, Google finally released the official version of Android 10, and our Pixel 3 phone received the update push as soon.. Read More

iOS 13 exposed a lot of new Apple products: AR headset, iPhone night shot mode is coming

The Apple Autumn Conference is less than a week away, and next week we will be welcoming new iPhone models. Released, and on the eve of the press conference, the news about Apple’s new hardware and new features began to squeeze into the West and appeared in front of everyone. Recently, about iOS, Apple Watch, and something Apple has never done before, like anti-lost and AR glasses. Some fresh exposure… Read More

You can spend a lot of money, as long as you don’t care about life.

Contemporary young people are almost overwhelmed by the wave of consumerism. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Immortal JUMP” (ID: xrtiaotiao), the author is half-Feng Xianren. 1 Sina Weibo has launched a new photo social app called Oasis. The appearance of ins is similar to dozens of points, and the inner heart and the little red book are similar. It seems to be a picture social,.. Read More

58 city Yao Jinbo: Internet company layoffs are not managed to manage the mood

996 or layoffs, is the performance of unexpected excessive excitement and anxiety Editor’s note: This article from WeChat public number “Tencent University” (ID: tencent_university). The Internet circle is a few times, and countless entrepreneurs have entered and left. There are not many people who can persist in the wave. Yao Jinbo is one of them. In 1999, Yao Jinbo founded China’s first Internet domain name trading website,, and was.. Read More

Is it crazy to spend 88 yuan to buy milk tea?

01,Tea industry on the air outlet

Will you spend 88 yuan to buy a cup of milk tea? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Netease H5” (ID: wangyih5), by Panda. “Nai Xue’s tea is now sold for 80 pieces. Is it too far?” The high-priced tea that was limited by the season once triggered a heated discussion among netizens. After the working day, a wave of “tea tea cart” At the weekend, going.. Read More

Tianyun Big Data Lei Tao: Predicting the most direct wealth production of artificial intelligence

The Internet mines space for wealth, and artificial intelligence mines time wealth. At the recent 2019 World Artificial Intelligence Conference, Tesla co-founder Elon Musk and Ali Group founder Ma Yun presented a “century talk” that caused widespread repercussions. Tianyun Big Data CEO Lei Tao as a forum speaker listened to this conversation at a close distance. He wrote this article and traced back and looked forward to how technology can.. Read More

Olympia Daily | OYO or $200 million to acquire university residences; Swiggy re-launched Dunzo, launching on-demand errands service “Go”

GrabFood focuses on the Indonesian market and establishes its headquarters in Jakarta; Vietnam venture capital VinaCapital Ventures leads the Ecocombi social networking platform in Vietnam; Ctrip announces the completion of the share swap with Naspers: Sun Jie and other three executives join the MakeMyTrip board Southeast Asia GrabFood focuses on developing the Indonesian market: setting up a headquarters in Jakarta, recruiting local staff, and building infrastructure in research and development… Read More