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Apple with 200 billion US dollars in cash issued debt financing of 7 billion US dollars

The last time the bond was raised through the issuance of bonds was in November 2017, the company raised a total of $7 billion. As the price of US Treasury bonds rises, the average yield of US investment-grade corporate bonds is only 2.79%. When the company’s yield is relatively low, it enters the market to issue bonds, minimizing its own financing costs. Disney issued corporate bonds on Tuesday, and the.. Read More

Love fresh bee “closed”: love, tired, lost

The rise and fall of the love bee is a different model for the former warehouses, convenience stores, platform homes, or community group purchases, and the “posterants” who are lingering in the retail industry, because this is some retail Enterprises are facing and experiencing. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Soul Beast” (ID: lingshouke)< /a>, the author is ten miles. Love fresh bee has received $120 million.. Read More

Glory released two new phones: 48 million pixels were put on the thousand yuan machine, and a new AI beauty was added to the front camera.

On September 4, Glory held a new product launch in Wuhan. In addition to the recent popularity of Li Xian, Glory also released the Glory 20S and Glory Play 3 in this event. Glory 20S is a machine that is placed in the middle and high-end positioning. The main feature is the self-timer effect. The glory Play 3 is the first entry-level product launched after the re-integration of the glory.. Read More