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The person who does not rely on death pay, said that he regretted

This pot, dead wages can not be back. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Lin Gongzi’s back garden” ( ID: hi-lingongzi), the author Lin Gongzi. In recent years, there has been a very hearty word called “dead wages.” Whenever you touch it, it seems to be labeled with a magical gray label. What life has been dragged down, the battle has been hopeless, the pursuit of ease,.. Read More

In-depth information | The weakness of the advertising industry does not affect the growth of interesting headlines, “M-reading” continues to serve as an important engine

The revenue of the interesting headline basically comes from advertising. The advertising business revenue of this quarter was 1.358 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 209.2%. 文 | Daily Business Collection The weakness of the advertising industry does not affect the growth of interesting headlines, and “M-Reading” continues to serve as an important engine After the US stock market on September 5, the content headline of the content information listed.. Read More

The “US version of the nail” loss increased the share price plunged 13%, Slack myth is about to burst?

Does Slack have a chance to go against the wind? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “US Stocks Research Institute” ( ID: meigushe). On September 5, Slack released its second-quarter earnings for the 2020 fiscal year. The data showed that its revenue grew year-on-year and its losses increased year-on-year. Specifically, revenue was $145 million, a year-on-year increase of 58%. The loss attributable to ordinary shareholders was.. Read More

Shopping center “level psychology”: adults are also obsessed with “little country”

The space is half a meter high and is often another world. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “RET ui ide” (ID: retweixin), the author is here. Currently, commercial space competition It has become one of the most competitive areas of business competition. Layer height, as an important factor in the impact of business space, is affecting people’s consumption behaviors subtly. The difference between half a.. Read More

Trying to challenge the ant flower buds, the winning odds of the US group paying the bills?

After the flower buds made a lot of money for the ant gold suit, everyone seems to see the profitability of the consumer finance sector. Only the threshold in this field is relatively high, not the giants may not be able to play. Moreover, not every giant has the courage to fight with Ali. After the flower buds made a lot of money for the ant gold suit, everyone seems.. Read More

Carmen briefing | Xiaopeng Automobile Chengdu Motor Show suffered rights protection; Haima Automobile August car 0 sales

Tesla is coming. Editor’s note: This article is from “Future Car Daily” (WeChat public ID: auto-time), author: NIU Xiao Tong. Organization | Niu Xiaotong Headline Xinpeng Automobile Chengdu Motor Show has suffered rights protection, and the owner said that it can not be repaired repeatedly On September 5, at the Chengdu Auto Show site, Xiaopeng owners appeared in the booth to defend their rights due to vehicle and charging problems… Read More

Meng Meijun fan data group suspected of fraud: the already bad fan economy

Today, they are no longer satisfied with the leeks that only cut the fans. Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “IT broke the news” (ID: Baoliaohui), the author of the pig Jiuyi. What is the fan economy? The so-called fan economy is actually 乞丐economic, in which fans are the ones who pay for the service, the ones who give alms, and the idols as service providers.. Read More

FAW-Volkswagen School does not charge for vehicles and machinery.

Netizen: “Mechanized ring material” into the new four big tiankeng. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “qubit” (ID: QbitAI), author Anne Guo Yi. What’s New: FAW-Volkswagen, this year’s school recruits no students in any vehicle or mechanics. The number of places in this car factory is concentrated on computer graduates. In this popular description of the signing of the public, the explanation is clear: This year, the.. Read More

Starter | “Financing Partner” – Collection of Enterprise Service Projects

5 major tracks, 30 A-round quality projects, investors are coming to the bowl! One-month massive project screening and one-month in-depth service, 30 A-round projects from new brands & new channels, education and training, medical health, corporate services and new technology circuits will be Starting this week, we will welcome the first roadshow of the “Financing Partner” program. This financing week, from September 2nd to September 5th, we will divide each.. Read More

This sports car with supercapacitors is the fastest Lamborghini ever.

After Porsche, McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini also made a hybrid car, this car also has a resounding name – The fastest Lamborghini in history. It has a top speed of 350km/h, and an acceleration of 0-100km/h is not required for 2.8 seconds. This hybrid supercar driven by a supercapacitor is called Sián. Its name is also in line with its “fast”, the name Sián means “lightning” in the Bologna dialect. The.. Read More