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In-depth information | Netease opened the koala, Ali led the cloud music, a transaction for each

Ali acquired Netease’s cross-border e-commerce platform koala for $2 billion. 文 | Daily Business Collection Netease opens the koala, and Ali leads the cloud music, and each takes the required transaction On September 6, the news of the cooperation between Ali and NetEase finally came to fruition. Ali bought the Neta’s cross-border e-commerce platform koala for $2 billion. After the transaction is completed, NetEase koala will be included in the.. Read More

Breaking the tradition, Starbucks wants to open a store in New York

Starbuck, which created the “third space” culture, plans to open a store that offers only take-away coffee in Manhattan, New York. This store format may not seem novelty to domestic consumers. Most of the stores in the Internet coffee brand that are bundled with Starbucks are adopting the self-raising mode. Starbucks China also launched some time ago. Online, go to the store to get the service “Broken Starbucks Now”, this.. Read More

Starbucks CFO: Ruixing will be forced to abandon the “radical discount”, Starbucks in China, the price of the customer is higher than the store

Clearly the focus of Starbucks revenue growth is on beverages, not foods. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “小食代” (ID: foodinc), author He Danlin. The original title “Starbucks CFO predicts that Rui Xing will be forced to give up “radical discounts”, and that the price of Chinese takeaway customers is higher than the store” Under the unexpected “strike” of the Nasdaq-listed Ruixing Coffee, the top executives of.. Read More

Over the top of the board | Copper polishing liquid revenue accounted for 70%, “Anji Technology” plans to raise 300 million to expand production

The global chemical mechanical polishing fluid and integrated circuit field photoresist remover market capacity is only about 1.5 billion US dollars, how can Anji Technology break the business bottleneck and achieve steady growth in performance? It is considered to be “China’s Nasdaq”. Since the official transaction, the science and technology board has received much attention from all. Today, the official transaction of the science and technology board has been full.. Read More

Technology God Reply | Nokia made a new flip phone, buy a gap with modern people

More than the news, the netizen God responded, and came together~ Alibaba confirmed the acquisition of koala for $2 billion, and invested $700 million with Netease and Yunyi Cloud Music; the animal also used facial recognition. : Chicken and Duck: Arranged to be clear and clear… In the evening, look back at the news of the technology and the gods of the netizens who should not be missed. Ali confirmed.. Read More

650km battery life, L3 level automatic driving, 3.9 seconds broken, GAC New Energy Aion LX Is it bragging?

Guangzhou New Energy Aion LX’s pre-sales will be controversial. As always, the new style of painting, the three executives at the press conference repeatedly appeared in the words of the unprecedented ancient, epoch-making, the world’s first, the most scientific sense of the word, quite a bit of a word is not surprisingly endless. Guangzhou New Energy’s self-selling product is its new flagship, Aion LX, with a pre-sale price of 250,000… Read More

Is the sign of community formation slang or culture?

Chen Rui’s chat community is not deep enough. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “chaos turning the book” (ID: Luanbooks), the author Pan Chao. Yesterday afternoon, Chen Rui’s interview was sent. At night, the B-station price rose directly by 6 points. I did not expect that the media value management through the media could have such an immediate effect. Today I am also talking about the community… Read More

Sharing the economy “price boom”: from crazy burning to renewal

The price increase into a straw? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public number “Tech Planet” (ID: tech618), The author often sighs. Recently, there are user feedback, shopping in the mall, when the mobile phone is running out of power, only borrowing a brand of half an hour of charging treasure, 3 yuan will be “missing”, “that moment, My heart is shocked, just like being deceived.” Tech Planet (WeChat.. Read More

Facebook launches dating service to divert Instagram

Facebook also wants to develop “dating” gameplay. Editor’s note: This article is from interface, author Lin Beichen. On the evening of September 5, according to the United StatesTechCrunch reports, Facebook dating has been officially launched in the United States as a feature tag within Facebook for adult users over the age of 18. This is not the first time for “Facebook Dating” for the public. At last year’s developer conference,.. Read More

The entrepreneur’s social dream should wake up again.

People will eventually leave ZAO and the oasis and return to the predecessors of WeChat Weibo. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Internet refers to the North” (ID: Hlwzhibei), author Pu Fan. The original is an article I wrote a year ago. At that time, when bullets, flashes and toilets were released, many people lamented that “the good days of WeChat are over,” and “the social war.. Read More