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Netease koala sold on the eve

The building will be tilted and the wind and rain will come. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account Zinc Finance (ID:xincaijing), the author Ma Cheng He Xingying Zhong Wei. The atmosphere is faint from the beginning of the year. Netease koala employee Zhang Tong found that from the New Year to the present, the flow of personnel has obviously accelerated. “Basically, the people I have contacted have.. Read More

“Sinking” led to the rise of retail sales of goods, “Peach Inventory” cut through the daily hundred items

The return of popular rational consumption in the down cycle When “sinking” became an independent investment theme, “tail sale” was also highlighted,If the sinking market is From the new propositions put forward by the population and income structure, then in the strict sense, “tail sale” is not a “sinking market” exclusive business. After all, the origin of this business model is that the supply demand is mismatched and the resource.. Read More

The CEO of Coach’s parent company suddenly stepped down, and the “Insulting T-shirt” incident became a fuse.

Under the leadership of Victor Luis, Coach’s parent company launched a comprehensive acquisition strategy in 2015 to enrich the brand matrix. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “LADYMAX” (ID:lmfashionnews) , author Zhou Huining. Authorized to reprint. In the current moment of uncertainty, no luxury brand dares to despise the Chinese market. According to the fashion business news, Coach’s parent company Tapestry Group announced on Wednesday that Jide.. Read More

Known | Forced to become a luxury, Maotai prices have fallen for ten years

The scarcity of Moutai will make it an investment. At the end of August, after the first Costco opened in Shanghai, the most sought-after item in the store was Moutai. The retail price of 1498 yuan a bottle of Maotai Feitian wine was robbed in the door after the opening, some netizens rushed to buy Maotai’s “record”: the whole family rushed to buy 12 bottles of Maotai Feitian, then each.. Read More

The front line, Wei Wei, tried to rent a car, and Li Bin could not escape the “true incense law”.

Car companies are exploring downstream. It was learned that Weilai Auto announced the launch of “Yuxiang members“, 30 days is a subscription period, each subscription is 13,800 yuan, membership service includes a 30-day subscription period with a branded ES8, 30-day NIO Service, 30-day NIO Power service, subscription benefits and Fellow follow-up service. After the experience is over, users can purchase up to 10,000 yuan in subscriptions for any model of.. Read More

Tesla confirmed the construction of a battery production line to supply its own electric vehicles

Tesla finally confirmed that they are building a battery production line and are recruiting relevant personnel. The company said in the recruitment information: “Tesla is currently looking for a technician for a production line we are developing, and you will be part of the new product line we are developing.” Editor’s note: This article is from “Tencent Technology”, review: Jinlu, authorized to reprint. According to foreign media reports, electric car.. Read More

Sonos Move release: main quality and sound quality, both indoor and outdoor

After the annual IFA, many manufacturers released new products during this period, and Sonos, an audio manufacturer, also released a Sonos Move that can be used in both indoor and outdoor scenes. Although this is not Sonos’ first outdoor audio product, it is by far the best and most user-friendly design. In this product, Sonos pays attention to quality and sound quality. Sonos Move still uses the consistent cylindrical design.. Read More