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Realme Q experience: taking a photo with a 998-yuan 48-megapixel four-camera phone, what kind of experience is it?

48 million pixels, should be the most frequent configuration in the recent mobile phone conference. Whether it’s a flagship phone or an entry-level thousand-yuan machine, you can see the Sony IMX586 and Samsung GM1’s 48-megapixel sensors. Besides, some vendors are still very aggressive. Even for mobile phones under $1,000, they will use the “three-shot” or even “four-shot” structure in the rear camera to further enhance the playability of the thousand-yuan.. Read More

Write a copy, how to write a good start?

Readers ran after reading the beginning? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Wooden old thief” (ID: mumuseo ), the author Mumu old thief. It’s hard to think of a perfect title, the open rate of the article is good, and the reader ran away after reading the beginning. What is this experience? If you don’t know how to write the beginning of the article, this essay can.. Read More

LazMall’s Anniversary Answer: B2C Platform Development Capacity…

B2C platform, another cross-fire field in Southeast Asia e-commerce. This article is from English station KrASIA, author Zhixin Tan, original title:A clear demand for quality branded products in Southeast Asia : Jing Yin, president of commercial at Lazada Point Tip: Imitate Taobao and put on the “Tmall”: Lazada’s B2C platform LazMall’s initial development reached expectations, with 6,500 brands on the line, featuring genuine and famous products to attract users Business.. Read More

Going to the sea daily | Grab competes with Gojek to upgrade, DANA with Ant Financial or OVO merges; Indian logistics unicorn Delhivery raises $115 million

InMobi, India’s largest mobile advertising platform, has raised $45 million for its mobile content platform Glance; India’s takeaway unicorn Swiggy plans to enter the digital payment arena; “Egyptian Alipay” Fawry is listed in Egypt with a market value of $441 million Southeast Asia Grab plans to buy Indonesian e-wallet DANA shares from Emtek and merge it with OVO. According to DealStreetAsia, Reuters reported that Grab and Gojek compete in financial.. Read More

Summary of the top ten highlights of iOS 13, an article tells you that the value is not worth upgrading!

At the Apple Autumn Conference in the early hours of the morning, three new iPhones were released, including the iPhone 11 Pro and iPhone 11 Pro Max with 3 cameras, Click here to see detailed reports from the site. But in addition to the hardware, iOS 13 with a new dark mode is also worthy of attention. After the press conference, Apple also quickly released the official version of iOS.. Read More

Design Psychology teaches me five bowls of “true chicken soup”

Some people often mistakenly think that design is equivalent to creativity. In fact, design is not the only result of creativity that is often described. Good user experience designers are often good at interpreting people’s hearts. They can gain insight into how a user views a design and distinguish its pros and cons. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “UXRen” (ID: cnUXRen) , author of the UXRen.. Read More

Workplace advancement is often blocked, don’t always make excuses

Obviously, I want to do things positively. Leaders don’t recognize them. Colleagues don’t cooperate. There is a sense of ambition and nowhere to show. Why? Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “caoz’s nightmare” (ID: Caozsay), author caozsay. Many people have some positive ideas in their workplaces, plans to promote some changes, and hope to do some optimization, adjustment, and change according to their own wishes. Usually,.. Read More

By bringing 2 million netizens “clouds to catch the sea”, he realized his dream of returning hometown.

Why do the first-line social animals in the city love watching the video? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “土土土槽” (ID: xtutux6) < /a>, author Lin An. A while ago, I saw an article saying that the “first-line social animals” in the city are now watching the video of the sea. As a person who has lived in the interior since childhood, the word “catch the sea”.. Read More

Only after reading the curse of “big brother eating younger brother”, can the company survive longevity?

How can we make our business grow? Specially set up a [Reading] section for reading, screening some books worth reading, and providing some summaries. I hope that you have a book on your hand to let the movement of reading continue. A large amount of data and cases reveals the two majorultimate fate of the enterprise: no matter how large the company is, its “life” has an upper limit; The.. Read More

Investor: Want to successfully complete the angel round financing? Entrepreneurs must do these 6 things

Finance is a two-way selection process. Alpha said: Angel round financing is very important for entrepreneurs, but entrepreneurs have relatively little financing experience during this period. The original author of this article, Parul Singh, is an early investor. She summarizes six things that entrepreneurs should do when they are carrying out angel rounds, including financing preparations, timing of financing, choice of investment institutions, etc. Welcome entrepreneurs to refer to them… Read More