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How do you view Apple’s “middle-age crisis”?

No product can escape the fate of the product life cycle. 文:路江涌 February 5, 2019, in the face of a sharp decline in iPhone sales, Apple regenerated internally, and Apple’s senior vice president, Angela, who was 8 times the annual salary and was also CEO’s successor. Angela Ahrendts will leave in April this year. In fact, every product has a product life cycle, even if it is called the iPhone.. Read More

Power will not fall from the sky, but need to create

It’s not the first motivation to act, but the first action to be motivated… Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “SusanKuang” (ID: Susankuang 2014) by Susan Kuang. Ask you a question: What do you think is the relationship between motivation and action, is it motivated, then has action, or does it have action before it has motivation? I believe that most people may choose the former, and.. Read More

The iOS code is “disclosure”: Apple is still developing AR glasses

Guo Minghao pointed out that Apple’s augmented reality glasses will become a lightweight accessory for the iPhone. Editor’s note: This article is from “Tencent Technology” . In the past few years, technology media have reported that Apple Inc. is developing an augmented reality glasses that is similar in functionality to Google’s “Google Glasses”, but not long ago it was reported that Apple has terminated augmented reality. Glasses project. However, according.. Read More

Exploring the IKEA China Supply Chain: A journey from production to sale

In addition to Sweden, China is the only country with a complete IKEA value chain. Editor’s note: This article is from Economic Observer, author Zheng Xinxin. On the assembly line, pillows and mattresses are being intensively produced, and they are transported to IKEA in different laboratories through pressing, metal testing, and burning tests. This scene occurred at Shengnuo Group (1418.HK) in Jiashan County, Jiaxing City, Zhejiang Province. On September 17,.. Read More

Keeping young people away from e-cigarettes, New York became the first city to ban the sale of electronic cigarettes

Czech Prime Minister Milos Zeman once thought that cigarettes helped the financial situation of his country. He defended his idea and said: “As a smoker, I support the state finances. Because in the Czech Republic, we tax tobacco… Smokers die faster, and state governments don’t need to take care of them in their later years.” There is a big controversy when this statement comes out. Willmore, director of smoke-free children’s.. Read More

SAIC Volkswagen has reduced the number of employees in disguise, and some employees have been transferred to the group’s travel company.

SAIC Volkswagen is facing the biggest market pressure in 20 years. Editor’s note: This article is from “Economic Observer Network“, author Dry group. “It’s true. But it’s exaggerated.” On September 20th, for the poor media reported by the media recently, SAIC Volkswagen employees were transferred to open a car, a SAIC Volkswagen internal The person confirmed to the Economic Observer Online that there were indeed employees who were transferred to.. Read More

The US government approved Apple’s tariff exemption application, making it cheaper in the US.

Earlier this year, when the Wall Street Journal reported that Apple would transfer production to China, the production of the Mac Pro became a political hot spot. Editor’s note: This article is from Netease Technology, compiler Tianmenshan . September 21 news, according to foreign media reports, a public document issued by the US Trade Representative and a federal registration notice showed that 15 foreign duty applications for Apple were filed.. Read More

The “first live broadcast of the first stock” since the listing of the first net profit loss, how to save customers in the industry in the winter?

“Live first share” lost for the first time, what is the difficulty? Editor’s note: This article from the micro-channel public number “Wild Horse Finance” (ID: YMCJ8686), author Song Guanyu. Recently, Yingke Muyu (03700.HK) released the 2019 Interim Report. The “live first stock”, which has been highly anticipated, has turned losses into losses, causing widespread concern. The first loss of Yingke, the previous investment “orderly retreat” It was once the winner.. Read More

Without the big orders of ofo, are the bicycle factories still alive?

In addition to the short-term boost of external factors such as the sharing of the bicycle economy, where is the long-term way out? Editor’s note: This article is from “Tencent Deep Network” by Enron. In the afternoon, at 3 pm, more than 40 workers in the shared bicycle workshop at the Fujitsu Jinghai plant in Tianjin installed hazel bicycles on two production lines. This production workshop was specially established in.. Read More

Google: The most happy technology company, this three-year trouble (6)

Tolerance of genius is indulgent in the eyes of employees. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s note: Google used to be the most innovative company. From search engines to Gmail, maps, Chrome, Docs, Photo, translation, to unmanned vehicles, Project Loon and other moon landing programs, Google can always.. Read More