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Anatomy of the top ten e-commerce platform for paying members to design “routines”

With the comparison, the value of the joint card is highlighted, and the consumer can easily decide. In the pricing of paid members, there is also a method to use the price anchor: the monthly card and the season card are introduced on the basis of the annual card. For example, the Xiaohongshunian card is 266 yuan, the monthly fee is 22 yuan, and the small red book monthly card.. Read More

Redmibook 14 is replaced by AMD’s processor, and there is a better use of mobile phone file transfer.

///// In the Redmibook 14 enhanced article, Intel Core Computer Show released the Core 10 processor. But in fact, earlier in the CES in January this year, AMD brought the second generation of the Ruilong mobile processor series. In January, the product launch with this processor will be released in April. In the second half of the year, more and more products using the second-generation Ruilong mobile processor are also.. Read More

“The blindfolded” 51 credit card can not escape “life and death”

On October 21, 51 credit cards suddenly appeared on the headlines of major media news. Zhejiang police out of the police hundreds of assaults check 51 credit card is located in the Xixi Valley International Business Center, 80 Zixia Street, Xihu District, Hangzhou. Source: Every reporter Xiaole photo 51 credit card as a listed company, the news of the police investigation is not lost, not only public opinion, but the.. Read More

Why is there a cold without a vaccine?

Article from WeChat public account:Translated (ID:yeeyancom), the original author: Tomé Morrissy-Swan, Translator: do you like it, cover: Oriental IC Earlier this month, with the help of artificial intelligence, a Frenchman named Tebo (Thibault) Once again, I can walk, which can be called a miracle brought by technology. Four years ago, he fell from a nightclub 50 feet (15.24 meters) high roof, and he could only lie on the bed. In.. Read More

Expired IP, can you still eat?

This article is from WeChat public account:Entertainment Hard Candy (ID:yuleyingtang) author: Gu Han, head diagram from the TV series “Sansei III miles peach” 2019 entered the second half of the year, the industry picked up, the hot drama got together, and the actors returned to work. Many long-awaited IP adaptation projects are ushered in.At the spring push, only the film was amazing, and the word was divided when it was.. Read More

Millions of Beijing foreign cars have to choose not just to sell cars.

This article is fromEconomic Observer Online OF: Liang Feng Tong, chrysanthemum weeks, from the east FIG head IC After November 1st, Beijing will adjust the Beijing-based management policy for foreign-licensed buses, which means that one of every 7 vehicles driving in Beijing is about to face 3/4 per month. Time cannot be used in the boundaries of Beijing. When the deadline is approaching, Xiao Zhou finally decides to sell his.. Read More

Entering India and Southeast Asia, why is it now?

This article is from WeChat public account:GGV Jiyuan Capital (ID:GGVCapital) OF: Jixun, editor: Yonnie, FIG from Oriental head IC “In the past 20 years, we have focused on the market and opportunities that are centered on China and the United States, and to a large extent, the changes brought about by the Internet and the mobile Internet.Leather, as well as AI, 5G, new technologies to promote some subversive trends and.. Read More

Shanghai Daily | Softbank believes WeWork is valued at less than $8 billion; “Singapore Little Red Book” Zilingo plans to enter the US market

And Tiger Global will lead the round A financing of Vietnam’s B2B e-commerce startup Telio; Temasek bids $3 billion to bid for Singapore’s Keppel Corporation Southeast Asia “Singapore Little Red Book” Zilingo plans to invest $100 million to enter the US market. According to DealStreetAsia, Zilingo opened offices in New York and Los Angeles this summer and will consider expanding its sales and product teams in the region. Zilingo raised.. Read More

Young man with debts

Article from WeChat public account:Real Story Project (ID:zhenshigushi1), author: Liu Yan, head Figure from: vision China The cats in the rental house witnessed the young people’s ambitions and ambitions for the city and brought them the intimacy they had dreamed of. At the same time, the cat accompanied the loneliness of young people and became their only relative in the super city. Story time: 2017~2019 Story Location: Beijing 01 At.. Read More

The truth of the workplace: the more “honest”, the less important it is.

Why are these good employees treated like this? Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “HR Fan” (ID: hrfaner ), author HRGO. Recently found that many HRs in the group are discussing: “There are some serious and meticulous employees in the company who are dedicated to their work, but when the company is reorganizing and optimizing, most of them are directly cut off.” /p> Why are these good.. Read More