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Launched 丨 Internet + agricultural solutions provider, Breck received tens of millions of C1 rounds of financing

From the pre-production planning to the post-production marketing agricultural big data platform , it was learned that Breck (Suzhou) Agricultural Internet Co., Ltd. completed tens of millions of RMB C1 round of financing, the investors are Changyang Investment, Kaihao Investment, Changce Capital Wait. This round of financing will be used to strengthen the development of Rick’s agricultural big data products and the expansion of commercial channels. It is understood that.. Read More

Huawei tablet, really counterattack Apple?

In the traditional impression, unlike Android and iOS, which compete fiercely in the mobile phone market, Apple has almost no rivals in the tablet field. Whether it is experience or shipment, the iPad is a perfect ride. But the latest Chinese market data shows that in the tablet space, Apple gave up the top spot. A burst of money to promote Huawei’s counterattack in China On the afternoon of November.. Read More

Look at the American TV series “Silicon Valley” and analyze the pits of entrepreneurship and financing.

This article is from WeChat public account:People God Fen (ID: tongyipaocha), title map from: American drama “Silicon Valley” 1. Why is the valuation too high but it hurts you? There is a plot in the American TV series “Silicon Valley”. Richard, the CEO of the entrepreneurial team “Magic Flute”, invented one of the most powerful compression algorithms, and became the “darling” of venture capital chasing. But his venture capital friend.. Read More

Want to be a good listener? Try these 5 tips

The key is to pay attention to people rather than the problem itself. The Translation Bureau is a compilation team that focuses on technology, business, workplace, life and other fields, focusing on foreign new technologies, new ideas, and new trends. Editor’s Note: Listening ability is an important skill that we often overlook in the process of interpersonal communication. Being a good listener is not difficult, but it can bring you.. Read More

Can the life service platform in Canada use word of mouth to open up the market?

The Canadian market is highly inclusive and more suitable for verifying the authenticity of demand. Hai Chuangpai HiTrends Report (by Ray) The two founders of Lit Life, Eric Yuan and Richard Liu Although the number of overseas Chinese in Canada has increased year by year, the services related to daily life have not improved significantly in terms of quality and efficiency, especially in the home service. On the one hand,.. Read More

Why is the stratosphere a “protective umbrella” for human beings?

This article is from WeChat public account: SELF Gezhi on the road rostrum ( ID: SELFtalks) , author: Wei Ke, atmospheric Physics Research Associate, from FIG title: Oriental IC “It gives us the revelation that if we are looking for a livable planet in the future, we must consider what the atmosphere of the planet looks like, whether it has a stratosphere, and whether there is an ozone layer in.. Read More

How to use “explosive thinking” to make product innovation

The truth must exist in everyday life. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Barn Ventures” (ID :gucangchanpinjia), author Su Jun. There are a lot of people talking about product innovation, and there are very few people landing. At the 2019 millet and Shun Capital Investment Annual Meeting, the founder and CEO of Zhimi Technology, Su Jun, and everyone said his “explosive view.” More importantly, he shared an.. Read More

After finishing the 20th time of “Wulin Biography”, I am not “South”.

This article is from WeChat public account: Epoch story Kodate (ID: epochstory2017) , author: Zhao First, from FIG question: “Wulin Stills Near the end of the year, the national test is approaching. Li Lin, who was named this year, entered a high-intensity review stage. After reviewing the gap, Li Lin once again opened “Hello Old Time” – this campus drama adapted from the original work of Changan in August, like.. Read More

Li Hai, who bought 50,000 sets of Hegang housing, his success cannot be copied.

This article is from WeChat public account: ice Chuansi enjoy number (ID: icereview) , author: Jingjing, title figure from: vision China 01 50,000 pieces, what can I buy? A Cartier blue balloon watch, half a Hermès entry bag. 33-year-old Zhejiang Zhoushan youth Li Hai bought a home in the Northeast with 50,000 pieces. A recent article entitled “Wandering to Hegang, I bought a suite for 50,000 yuan” was on fire… Read More

What are the advantages of Disney+? If you want to understand the future Marvel movie, you have to subscribe.

Next week, Disney’s streaming media platform Disney+ will be officially launched. Disney+’s selling point is different from Apple TV+, which has a small number but each is original big production. Disney promises that Disney+ will offer at least 25 TV series and 10 movies in the first year of its launch, all of which will be produced specifically for streaming media, and will also leverage the entertainment giant’s own content.. Read More