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Now the domestic film, not to mention the southwest dialect are embarrassed to go out

There is a loss of powerful self-healing power. Just like the Wenchuan earthquake, the Sichuanese mahjong is still playing. This mentality provides valuable minerals for comedy creation. In terms of language, the characteristics of the southwestern Mandarin are: both fierce and arrogant, both fierce and funny, with a fast speech rate, strong explosive power, and high recognition. At the same time, the language consistency within the southwestern Mandarin system is.. Read More

Microsoft CEO Satya: Our goal is to make all companies a software technology company

In this conference, Microsoft released a number of new technologies, products, services and solutions ranging from Azure to classic office services. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “CSDN” (ID:CSDNnews) By Aholiab Liu Jing. On November 4th, the annual Microsoft IT conference Ignite was held in Orlando, USA. 26,000 IT practitioners, developers and data experts from around the world attended the conference. In this conference, Microsoft released a.. Read More

Netflix dug up the HBO team, why is the first Chinese drama that was heavily photographed?

NetFlight’s defeat in the first battle of the Chinese-speaking region Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “New drama Observation” (ID: xinjuguancha) by Suda In 2017, HBO launched the first Chinese-language self-made drama “Psychic Girl” in Taiwan, which was well received. In the same year, Netflix followed up with a series of Chinese-made self-produced dramas. This year, the first “Sin Dreamer” that is expected is finally on the.. Read More


This kind of magic is not only in the writing of the British writer George Orwell. In the 1984, George Orwell built an absurd and ridiculous world, people suppressed, empty, collective unconscious, all People are indifferent to the outside world, and the value of the individual is infinitely denied. This is a world without vitality and hopelessness. However, in reality, in 1984, it was much more exciting and more vital:.. Read More

A forgotten history: Japan and the United States compete for the dominance of the CPU operating system

Japan has almost succeeded Editor’s note: This article comes from the WeChat public account “the world of magic iron” (ID: jiangpeiyu0916), author Zheng Zhuoran. This article was first published in Tencent. Key focus: 1. If the idea of ​​Sakamura is successful, the entire IT cake of Bluestar will become a Chinese meal for Japanese companies. 2, Japanese companies are also very wronged, feel that they have been bridged by Intel… Read More

After 12 years, the traffic fans are like Yang Lijuan.

This article is from “Drug (WeChat public ID: youhaoxifilm)“, for < /span>From: He Runzhen, the title map is from Visual China Yang Lijuan searched on the hot. If you pay some attention to the Chinese world’s sensation, then you should be familiar with this name: 12 years ago, this Andy Lau fan not only dropped out of school to chase stars, but also dragged his parents off the water –.. Read More

Samsung registered a new trademark, Galaxy S11 or will join the long zoom function

In order to make the phone take a farther shot, some manufacturers also added a long zoom lens to the phone. Like the OPPO Reno 10x zoom version and the Huawei P30 Pro, which were launched earlier this year, both of them are mobile phones with long zoom functions, and they also provide full coverage of the camera’s common focal lengths on the phone. In addition, through the higher quality.. Read More

Look at the American TV series “Silicon Valley”, deeply analyzing the pits of entrepreneurship and financing

From “incubator” to “B round” Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “People God is working together (ID: tongyipaocha), the author is full of people. Why is the valuation too high but it hurts you? There is a plot in the American TV series “Silicon Valley”. Richard, the CEO of the entrepreneurial team “Magic Flute”, invented one of the most powerful compression algorithms, and became the “darling” of.. Read More

Latin American unicorn Rappi’s super-applied expansion: everything can run errands

Can even run errands to withdraw money 文 | 令晨 图 | IC Photo Rappi is the first investment target for Softbank to establish a new Latin American fund. In March of this year, Softbank launched a $5 billion new fund, the SoftBank Innovation Fund, to invest in technology companies in Latin America. At the end of April, Softbank invested Rappi for $1 billion. The official did not release data,.. Read More

What remains for middle-aged entrepreneur Luo Yonghao?

This article reprinted from: Casting Network Zero Studio, author Zhan Fangge , edit Chen Ziyang “The brand of bytebeat is probably replaced in April.” A staff member on the 4th floor of the Wangjing Cyberport Building told the ChinaNet. It was once the main office of Hammer Technology. Today, the details related to Hammer Technology have been replaced by byte jumps (the headline of today’s head office), including the logo.. Read More