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“Chief Huyou” Luo Yonghao

Luo Yonghao is back. Although Luo Yonghao has invested a lot of energy in Ono’s electronic cigarettes, the “spirit sequel” of Nut Phone has also come out. But this is the first time that this controversial entrepreneur, or internet celebrity, has reappeared as a leader of a startup project before the public. In front of him, it is a harsher environment of public opinion, debt disputes that cannot be avoided,.. Read More

FinTech company “FinAccel” receives US $ 90 million in Series C financing and wants to build a personal credit loan platform in Southeast Asia

Building the future of financial services in Southeast Asia. It is learnt that Singapore Financial Services Corporation FinAccel has received US $ 9,000 in Series C financing, which is funded by Asia Growth Fund (Mirae Asset and Naver (Founded together) and Square Peg. Singtel Innov8, TMI (Telkomsel Indonesia), Cathy Innovation, Kejora-InterVest, Mira Asset Securities, Reinventure and DST partners participated in the over-subscription. FinAceel said that the end of this round.. Read More

30-year-old middle-aged person’s anxiety relief

This article is from WeChat public account: Maybe (ID: knbknb) , author: A Zen Jason Ng, from the title figure: vision China As a middle-aged greasy man in his 30s, share some of my ways to relieve anxiety. I’ve created a second career, and I’ve also joined two friends’ companies as partners. I was 26 years old when I first started my business, and 27 when I failed my first.. Read More

Cloud games, what is more important than how to play

This article is from WeChat public account: smart relativity (ID: aixdlun) , author: programming prodigal son, from the title figure: vision China After Google released Stadia on November 19th, Microsoft immediately announced that its XGP-based cloud gaming platform xCloud plans to conduct a preview test in early December. After the basic prototype was proposed by G-cluster of Finland 20 years ago, Cloud games appear more and more times in our.. Read More

Luo Yonghao lost idealism and sold antibacterial materials?

Text | Zinc scale Li Yanlin, original title: “ Luo Yonghao The first step of “Korean” is to lose idealism “, the cover is from the scene shot Luo Yonghao is late again. At 19:30 on December 3rd, it was the long-lost press conference of Luo Yonghao. This press conference is entitled “The Old Man and the Sea”. As Luo Yonghao’s first major action after “Lao Lai Storm”, many people.. Read More

Xiaomi enters Japan, cost-effective strategy may not work

text-remarks “label =” Remarks “> (Mainland market) The market share of smartphones decreased by 4.1 percentage points to 9%, and shipments fell by 33% year-on-year, a decline greater than Apple, OPPO and vivo. Xiaomi therefore needs to seek new growth in overseas markets. Currently, Xiaomi has a presence in Europe, Africa, North America, South America and many other regions. In Asia, the largest market outside China is India and India… Read More

How will China and the world economy evolve in the future?

Wen Qinghe, President of Zhiben, the picture from: Visual China Which era is the world today in the long history of humankind? Technology is the fundamental driving force to change the stagnation of the human economy for thousands of years. Technological shocks bring economic fluctuations and social changes. However, the uncertainty of technological innovation has severely affected our prediction of the future of the economy. From a business cycle perspective,.. Read More

How to use “other people fear, I am greedy” in the winter of capital

Before each change comes, there will be in-depth adjustments and shuffles, and every time a trough is brewing, a big opportunity is either missed or lost. Author Guo Jianwu, Managing Partner of Wealth Capital; released with authorization. Now the capital is very cold. It’s time to hibernate or to get rid of it. I believe this is the answer that many people want. Before each change comes, there will be.. Read More