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Where is the Yangtze River Delta powerful?

Photo by Freeman Zhou on Unsplash, this article is from WeChat public account: Urban War (ID: sunbushu123) , author: Chen a One The Outline of the Yangtze River Delta Regional Integrated Development Plan was officially released yesterday. There have been many relevant interpretations. We only select a few sets of data here for your consideration. The first set of data reflects the advantages of the Yangtze River Delta. Everyone can.. Read More

8: 1 氪 | Huawei responds to the detention of former employees; all executives of Storm Group have resigned, and the company has only 10 people left; realme will be all 5G mobile phones in the domestic market next year

Apple plans to introduce the Face ID feature on the MacBook Pro for the first time in 2020. Big company Huawei responds to the detention of former employees: Support Li Hongyuan to defend his rights with legal weapons It is learned that in response to the ex-Huawei employee Li Hongyuan’s 251-day detention due to termination compensation, Huawei responded: “Huawei has the right and the obligation and reports the suspected illegal.. Read More

First Launch | “” Completes Multi-Million Dollar Pre-A Financing, Wants To Build AIoT PaaS + Service Platform

At present, there are more than 2,600 camera-related suppliers in Alibaba. Cloud services and AI have become mandatory options. It is learned that ADDX has completed the investment led by Jingwei China, Jinshajiang Venture Capital and The multi-million-dollar Pre-A round of financing invested by old shareholders Linear Capital and Huachuang Capital. This is the second round of financing completed by JJ Technology in 2019, following Angel Round Jiajia Technology is.. Read More

A group of “unknowns” at Daxing Airport

Production | Tiger Sniff Technology Group Author | Utada Title Map | Tiger Sniff Before that, the flight monitoring and commanding hall of Daxing Airport had never been opened to “outsiders” like me. I walked along a corridor that seemed as if I couldn’t go to the end. I silently followed Hu Fen, a system engineer, and had no time to admire the surrounding museum-like decorations—for example, I found out.. Read More

“Agricultural Innovation Circle” won 5 million yuan angel round financing to build a service community for farmers and farmers to communicate with each other

The community service of the “Agricultural Innovation Circle” is transforming the traditional agricultural product trading model. It is learnt that the farmer service community “Agricultural Innovation Circle” has received 5 million yuan in angel round financing. The investors are Tongcheng Capital and Tongcheng Zhongchuang Jincheng Fund. The founder of “Nongchuang Circle” Sunun said that this round of financing was mainly used for business development in the national market, including the.. Read More

Gree has no actual control

After being postponed for more than half a month, Gree’s mixed reform finally “boots down.” In the morning of December 2nd, Gree Electric announced that due to significant changes in the company’s control, it is planned to make significant progress. In order to avoid abnormal fluctuations in the company’s stock price, the company’s securities will be temporarily suspended from the market opening on December 2nd. The suspension time is expected.. Read More