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What are the public account release routines with a return rate of 300%? This set of processes is enough

Only by doing every detail, it is possible to achieve the ideal delivery effect. Editor’s note: This article is written on WeChat public account “Fun Reading Notes” (ID: qudubiji ) , the author Ah Meng. Reprinted with permission. Some statistics on the public account release data some time ago: The number of advertisements placed on public accounts in the first half of 2019 increased by 115% year-on-year. This shows that.. Read More

How shameful of being the Prime Minister of Japan?

This article is from the WeChat public account: vertical and horizontal Japan (ID: zhrb2019) , author: Dong Jian Jun, from the title figure: vision China It stands to reason that the Prime Minister of Japan, (scientific name is “Prime Minister of the Cabinet”) is already Japan’s highest executive head. When participating in state affairs, It is basically the position of “under the emperor and above 10,000 people.” The current Prime.. Read More

At the scene | Luo Yonghao’s “Old Man and the Sea” conference: no more hardware, aiming at new material technology

Luo Yonghao specifically emphasized that the old man of “The Old Man and the Sea” is not me, it is the developer of this technology-Professor Anthony Brennan. Luo Yonghao set off again. Also, this time he set off, he was late again, redefining 7:30 again, until 7:49, he waited on the stage, the “Old Man and the Sea” press conference officially started. The big screen of the conference was full.. Read More

The mysterious Zhejiang businessman behind Luo Yonghao’s new project

This article is from the WeChat public account: 投 中 网 (ID: china-venture) , author: Lin orange, (Chen Ching Cheung also contributed to this article), from the title figure: Oriental IC A Mainland entrepreneur named Zhou Liwu may become Luo Yonghao’s new partner. Zhou Liwu danced in the capital market for a long time. In March of this year, he transferred the controlling stake in a A-share company that lost.. Read More

Dialogue with African version of “Zhang Lan”: From selling egg fried rice to a Chinese sister in Nigeria

Ji Xiaohui came from northeast to West Africa and Nigeria. Starting with an egg fried rice, he has now established a high-end African Chinese food brand. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “Southeast Asia Ventures Express” (ID: startupStartsExpressAsia ) , author: Kyle . The story of starting from scratch makes people excited. Zhang Lan, the founder of Qiaojiangnan, returned from Canada in 1991 with the hard work.. Read More

Li Meng who missed “White Deer Plain”: After 30 years old

“640” data-h = “267”> I still remember that I cut a Qi Liuhaier for the movie. Liu Haier was a bit long, and some of the hair would get into my eyes. I blow it from time to time. Director Jia noticed and filmed a scene for me alone. He said, in a moment you blow your Liuhaier, and then look at me again. This is my first serious film.. Read More

Winners of the “Chao Technology 2020 Awards Quiz” Issue 5-Cloud Whale Intelligent Technology Session

You have a fully automatic sweeping robot waiting for collection! Review of activities future Ten years, what new technologies might make home cleaning easier? Chaochao Technology 2020 Awards Q & A 5th Guest: Founder of Cloud Whale Intelligent Technology Zhang Junbin Question: What new technologies might make home cleaning easier in the next decade? Prize: Cloud Whale J1 Fully-Automated Drag-and-Sweep Robot-Robot that Will Wash Mop (¥ 4299) 5th award winning.. Read More

EClub December Online Sharing: Leverage 80% of Profits with 20% of Users; How Startups Find the Conversion Funnel That Works Best for You

Cultivating super users is creating customer assets; having super users can create super brands High-speed development has become alive. All companies will also face the biggest headache at the end of the year-taking stock of annual profits. The profit and cost problems of start-ups will be revealed in front of actual profits. Whether the scale of the company is in a benign growth stage; whether the company’s benefits can still.. Read More

Scientific guide: Why do you always feel tired?

om / p / 5271253 “target =” _ blank “> Chronic stress is associated with chronic elevation of cortisol, which will also Causes fatigue. Spiegel says, “Usually, intense stress makes your blood pressure and heart rate faster, so you feel more excited. But long-term stress can make you feel exhausted, because you will secrete more cortisol, and after a period of time you will slowly deplete your body’s reserves. “.. Read More

Now is the best time for Meituan to acquire Didi

Didi is really hard, and I don’t see any turning point in the short to medium term. So what is the reason for the US group to shoot, can its strength allow it? < / p> This article starting simultaneously Artesyn Technologies, Author: Prophet Church (micro-channel public number ID : gudaolundao ) . Introduction: Buy a future? This article is divided into six parts, I hope to inspire everyone: Meituan.. Read More