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New City Holdings: Contract sales in the first 11 months of 246.562 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 24.17%

The eighth is still On December 3, Xincheng Holdings (601155.SH) released its operating report for November 2019. The monthly contracted sales amount in November was approximately 24.189 billion yuan. Sales The area is approximately 2.283 million square meters; From January to November, the cumulative contract sales amount was approximately 246.562 billion yuan, an increase of 24.17% over the same period last year; the accumulated sales area was approximately 21.88 million.. Read More

How did we get caught up in trendy toys?

In order to make users addicted, which routines are used by trendy toys? Editor’s note: This article comes from “Everyone is a product manager” (Public ID: woshipm) , author: ARK, public number: ARK innovation consulting, original title: “ In order to allow users to addiction, the trend toys with which routine? “. Recently, it has been shrouded in a mysterious force. This mysterious force not only guides everyone to pull.. Read More

Starting from daily operation scenarios, “School Butler” provides digital solutions for private education institutions

Private education institution informatization and digital solutions was established in 2010. School butler is a private education institution informatization and digital solutions provider. It has school stewards, school sharp stars, teacher and student letters, Xiaozhutong and other products. . Specifically, the school steward establishes a SaaS platform with third-party service providers to provide education institutions with internal management and home-school communication services. The founder of school steward Wu Xing was.. Read More

Male contraceptives will be available. Who is uncomfortable?

The article is from WeChat public account: WeLens (ID: we-lens) , OF: Lens, from FIG title: Oriental IC If the dating relationship between men and women in modern cities is so complicated that it is elusive, then the ultimate topic of contraception is enough to pierce the last decent point of each other. Women bear the heavy burden of contraception, is it because men are lazy or is it limited.. Read More

Big data trading platform “Youyi Data” completed A + round of financing. The investors are Zhonglian Fund and Pingtan Qingjiang Investment Management Co., Ltd.

Providing intelligent services around the big data chain It is learned that Uni-Easy Data has recently announced the completion of the A + round of financing. The investors are Zhonglian Fund and Pingtan Qingjiang Investment Management Co., Ltd., and the financing amount has not been announced. It is understood that Youyi Data completed the angel round investment in June 2017. The investor is Fuchun Co., Ltd., and two rounds of.. Read More

IKEA designs a house for future Mars life. What’s different?

Although human migration to Mars is a long way off, furniture manufacturers are already worrying about living environments outside the earth. Editor’s note: This article from “Love Fan children” (Public No. ID: ifanr) , Author: 李 超凡 . Ikea recently at the Mars Desert Research Center (MDRS) in Utah, Redesigned a living quarter that simulates the Martian environment , and explore how to live in a less suitable environment for.. Read More

Free Age 2.0: The Right Way to Send Money

This article is from the public account Li Meng (ID: imslimeng), author Li Meng, and Ai Faner are authorized to publish. There is a recent saying: Today is the “free era 2.0”, which is the “money era.” The words are a bit rough and also an insight. “Free Era” is an old stalk. “Free Era 1.0” just doesn’t charge for money. First, you can watch the news for free (portal),.. Read More

You won without jumping the job

I have been in the company for the longest time, and carried it to the last one. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Spenser ” (ID: spenserandhk) , Author S uncle. At the end of the last year, many students want to change jobs. As for previous years, I have received such inquiries: “Should I leave?” “How can I get a raise after changing jobs?” “How.. Read More

Ren Zhengfei: If Trump approves, I will visit Meng Wanzhou in Canada

Tiger sniff: On November 26th, Ren Zhengfei accepted an interview with CNN. This interview talked about Meng Wanzhou. From December 1, 2018, it has been almost a year since Meng Wanzhou was placed under house arrest in Canada. So what is her living condition in Canada now? What happens next? As a father, how does Ren Zhengfei view his daughter’s current situation? This article comes from: Huawei Voice Community ,.. Read More

It ’s too late for foreign brands to “nod their heads”

This article is from WeChat public account: Three-table Dragon Gate Array (ID: sanbiao1984) , original title:” Michelin being mocked by the group and the Victoria’s Secret Show stopped “, title Picture from: Visual China When a foreign brand has made great efforts to please the Chinese people, most of them are not far away. 24-year-old “Vimit Show” will stop this year. Please put away your Hara immediately. The Michelin Guide,.. Read More