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Magic Leap wants to sell 100,000 AR glasses in the first year, but only sold 6,000 in the first half of the year

“邂逅 Next calculation era.” Magic Leap’s official website has such a sentence. It perfectly explains why this startup, founded in 2010, has reached its peak and fell to the altar today. When most people in the world did n’t know what virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) were, they already started a medical robotics company and sold the company for $ 1.6 billion in Rony Abovitz. A new exploration.. Read More

I watched too much bad news and was cured by the strike in France

The article is from WeChat public account: WeLens (ID: we-lens) , author: Lens. Lens is a cultural communication brand dedicated to discovering creation and beauty, exploring the value of life, and transmitting the warmth of humanity. Picture from: Oriental IC Just the day before yesterday, the largest strike in 24 years broke out in France. Because it was too large, it was rated as a “universal strike” by European media.. Read More

Scientific Rhapsody in Crosstalk

This article is from WeChat public account: The Beidaihe Peach Cannery Film Monk Association ( ID: beitao666) , author: wild Fang, edit: ROOT, title figure: vision China Cross talk is a traditional art that people like to hear. Humans and animals are harmless. Everyone loves listening. Unconsciously, it has also become an important option for contemporary young people to eat takeaway and help sleep. When you talk about cross talk,.. Read More

23 years to create Google, Page and Brin step down from the inside

This article is from WeChat public account: DT Finance (DTcaijing) , source: theverge, author: Nick Statt editor: Xiao Qin, title figure: vision China Google co-founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin are without a doubt the most legendary and low-key characters in Silicon Valley. The news of both leaving this week is shocking, and it seems inevitable, because looking back at the important moments of the 23-year career of Page and.. Read More

If deflation is in place, can the house still be bought on loan?

This article is from WeChat public account: bipolar real estate (ID: earthabglobal) , author: bipolar analysts, the subject map from: Oriental IC If I can afford to pay in full, should I buy a house with a loan? Or, should conditions permit, should we borrow as long as possible and more? Two or three years ago, this issue did not need to be discussed. Everyone’s point must be: Leverage, increase.. Read More

Physical education, not teaching fitness

Why don’t you go to sports and learn fitness? Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “ GymSquare refinement ” (ID: GymSquare ), Author Shengjie. Why can’t I study fitness if I go to sports? Young people are becoming more and more physically anxious. If young people’s fitness skills should be learned from college physical education classes, it is clear that physical classes do not teach Chinese young.. Read More

All troubles come from interpersonal relationships

The influence of others on you far exceeds your imagination Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “ SusanKuang “(ID: susankuang2014) by Susan Kuang. I don’t know if you have found out that the time we are in is becoming an age with more emphasis on the individual and self. At the same time, independence and rationality are more and more valued by everyone. We all hope I.. Read More

Tencent press release behind ConTech: competing for new dividends during content transformation

Before the advent of the 5G and AI wave, Tencent News intends to lead content entrepreneurs to seize the dividend period through a partnership program called “ConTech”. In 2020, Tencent News will provide 1.5 billion content creation funds for content partners and 10 billion monthly traffic support. It is estimated that this slightly dull end of 2019 will stimulate the industry’s nerves . 2019 content entrepreneurs are “anxious” for too.. Read More

Solving the pain points of blind dating and dating in the sinking market, “Yi Dui” completed the US $ 10 million A + round of financing

XVC is optimistic that Iran will create long-term value in the blind market. It is learned that Island has completed a ten million dollar A + round of financing, led by XVC. The previous investment Lanchi Ventures followed. The Yi Duan App was launched in 2018, and provides real-time video interaction and blind dates for Sinking Market Crowds . Yi pairs solved the real blind date social product of stranger.. Read More