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It’s all 2020, and some people say that Byton is a big screen?

Byton is a new car company that is very keen to participate in technology exhibitions. This year is also the third time that Byton will participate in the North American CES show. In the past three years, from concept cars to today’s mass production versions, we have reported on Byton’s products and latest trends more than once. “Screen”, “luxury”, “technology”, “globalization”, these are the fastest adjectives that come to my.. Read More

Take the VIPKID new online school of Tencent Sequoia Finance, where is the new one?

At the beginning of the new year, the K12 Education Circuit ushered in the first financing news. On January 6, VIPKID announced the official launch of its online school brand “Rice Online School”. Rice Online School is positioned as “Large Class Live Classes for Primary School Students”, focusing on English and Mathematics, and has already conducted winter vacation Enrollment of the course. It is worth noting that Rice Online School.. Read More

Fintech or tech finance?

This article is from the public number: Financial Museum College (ID: book_club) a> , author: College days group, from FIG title: creative FIG insect < / span> What is FinTech? In the past 10 years, thanks to the emergence of open source structures such as cloud technologies, APIs, and apps, a new financial structure is booming. It is commonly known as FinTech. What is FinTech and what changes will it.. Read More

The pregnant mother is so busy that her father is gone? Think beautiful

Suddenly I started to quit smoking, drinking coffee, eating and exercising, replenishing folic acid, and even sending my pets away. Most of them were ready to be mothers. What changed when that person was preparing to be a dad? It could be … I can’t see it. The period of time before and after pregnancy is a critical period that lays the foundation for a child’s physical and mental health.. Read More

Is alcohol really a “ghost” or is it “ghosting”?

This article is from the public number: Figure Finance (ID: tucaijing8) < span class = "text-remarks">, of: breaking the pattern Tucson ah, the subject map from: creative FIG insect Won the “Top Ten Chinese Documents”Alcoholic liquors such as “named wine” and “domestic boutiques” were hit hard by plasticizer storms 7 years ago, and only slightly improved after COFCO became the master, and now they have fallen into the vortex of.. Read More

Arowana wants to jump A-share “Dragon Gate”, foreign investors seek “Chinese identity”?

00106 / v2_2e19756a64f14a47b1b4d1e2bfce10f9_img_000 “data-img-size-val =” 709,462 “> According to media reports, as early as 2009, Wilmar International had planned to spin off 30% of China’s business and apply for listing in Hong Kong. At that time, the expected listing size was about 30- 4 billion US dollars, but encountered financial market turbulence in Hong Kong, the expected issue price can not meet expectations, the listing has been put on hold… Read More

What is your most precious asset?

money? time? body? brain? neither! All your life’s rewards are in exchange for “it”! Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number ” Fu Yanshe “(ID: dontletmeplay) , author Xie Chunlin. Reprinted with permission. How can wealth be free? I guess you must have asked yourself the question at some point, and maybe just now, it’s haunting your mind. But before I answer you, I want to ask you.. Read More

In 2020, please forgive yourself for fun

class = “text-big-title”> 01 The Story of Strangeness is a variety show accustomed to the value of the big bowl. What is the value? You rely on the collection of waste products every day. One day you met the mentor of “Kidney”, the mentor told you: you are not actually picking up trash, you are essentially doing garbage sorting. The community has been improved, air quality has been improved, plastic.. Read More

[CES 2020] CES daily new product summary: Skyworth, Samsung launched flagship 8K TV, Shure released true wireless headset module

The annual International Consumer Electronics Show CES is back and will officially open in Las Vegas on January 7 this year. It is about a day before the official opening of the exhibition, but manufacturers like Skyworth, Samsung, Nvidia, Hewlett-Packard and Shure have released new products inside and outside the CES. The new products released today are mainly focused on high-end TVs, monitors, PCs and true wireless headsets. Samsung: flagship.. Read More