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Magic Huaqiangbei’s Beauty “Gold Rush”

China Electronics First Street, Asia’s largest electronics distribution center, can the transformation of beauty be successful? Source: E-Commerce Online (ID: dianshangmj ) Text / Cui Hengyu Edit / Swen asked Huaqiang North, China Electronics First Street, Asia’s largest electronics distribution center. At its peak, Huaqiangbei, with an area of ​​1.45 square kilometers, gathered more than 20,000 small and medium-sized mobile phone businesses, and more than 80,000 practitioners flocked here, generating.. Read More

3 possibilities for smart people to fail

The general hurried away without chasing the bunny. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “ Career Institute ” ID: xjysyyxs), author of six. “You’re smart, you just don’t work hard.” To tell the truth, many students are proud of their high IQ after listening to this sentence, but they have left behind criticism of lack of effort. The worship of human beings has a long history… Read More

Does Twitter have a chance to go back in time?

In Jack’s vision, information is like blood, pumped to every corner of the Internet by the blockchain. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account “ Geek Park ” (ID: geekpark) by Jesse. 13-year-old Twitter wants to go back in time. CEO Jack Dorsey tweeted that the company would support a research and development team to design an open, decentralized social media standard called Blue Sky. Creating an open.. Read More

Why are people buying a house different now than before?

Tiger sniffing: Buying a house is always a hot topic in China, and with the development of the real estate industry, people’s demand for buying a house is also changing dramatically. Whether it is investment demand or self-occupation demand, we are now completely different from 30 years ago. This article From the WeChat public account: really called Lu Jun (ID: zhenjiaolujun0426). The real estate industry has experienced rapid development for.. Read More

Behind the Volcano Upgrade Douyin Volcano Edition: Video creators usher in a new window of opportunity

New possibilities for short video creation in the Red Sea. Editor’s note: This article is from the WeChat public account “ 深 响 ” (ID: deep-echo), author Zhou Kai. Core points The short video track is in a critical period of breakthrough and card slot. At this time, industry participants must maximize their own advantages. The forward content production mechanism is one of the core competition points in the content.. Read More

Chinese New Year files dominated by Li Jiaqi

Tiger sniffing note: The Spring Festival is approaching, and it has reached the hot season of the year. When new movies are gathered, how can you not find them in marketing and publicity? Same gameplay? With the great attention of Li Jiaqi, can film marketing and live broadcast achieve the effect of 1 + 1> 2? article public from No.” together to make a movie “, author: Kerry habitat. Thirteen.. Read More

Running out of cars in “Avatar”, what is impossible in the next decade in 2020?

The annual “New Product Waterfall” CES has come to an end. After watching thousands of new products, Silicon Rabbit has carefully combed and summarized the most noteworthy highlights of this CES to help you mark the new trend of 2020! Samsung Digital Cockpit 2020–5G applied to new locomotive technology Digital Cockpit 2020 is the third joint development between Samsung Electronics and HARMAN International, which combines Samsung’s telecommunications technology, semiconductors and.. Read More

Big shuffle in 2019, how many film and television companies “wash and sleep”

As of December 2, 2019, a total of 3,313 film and television companies and 1,033 film and television studios in China were shut down. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Guyu Data-Tencent News” (ID: guyudata) , Writing: Su Yan *, Bai Zhou *, Shawn *, Interview: Su Yan *, Bai Zhou *, Design: Mu Dong *, Editor: Shawn *, Production 丨 Tencent News Gu Yu Studio … Read More

Year-end inventory: who is the rookie in the 2019 variety show?

It’s a “citron”. Tencent Video, which successfully hatched “Rocket Girl 101” in 2018, will continue to cultivate the idol industry in 2019, relying on “Creation Camp 2019” to send the men’s group R1SE to the idol market. The hero behind this variety show, Feng Qingyun, has also replaced Seven Dimensions, the production company of “Creation 101”, and has become a new pusher in the idol variety market in 2019. According.. Read More

Did you delete your WeChat friends today?

This article comes from WeChat public account: Biyeahboy (ID: biyeahboy), author @ 林比利. The picture comes from the worm idea. On January 9, Zhang Xiaolong, the father of WeChat, posted a public lesson via video. Among them, he said a lot about the impact of WeChat on people and future changes, but I was most impressed by this sentence he said: In the past, we limited one person to a.. Read More