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Ant Financial CEO takes charge of the whole army, the US group travels thousands of miles to attack the Alipay camp

The market value of the group reached HK $ 636.6 billion (approximately US $ 82.7 billion), surpassing companies such as Baidu and, and becoming the third pole of the Internet in China. In the first quarter of 2019, Trustdata data showed that Meituan ’s market share was 63.4%, and Hungry ’s market share was 27.5%. By the end of the year, this gap had widened to nearly 6: 1… Read More

The evolution of Zhang Xiaolong

article from burning FINANCE (ID: rancaijing), of: Meng Yanuo, editor: fan Chang weeks. The picture from Visual China. “Actually, I didn’t come to the scene intentionally.” Zhang Xiaolong was absent from the WeChat Open Class PRO site in 2020. This is the first time that he has been absent from WeChat Open Class PRO since 2016. This year, he continued to elaborate his understanding of propositions such as products and.. Read More

Forefront | Wei Ya live sells Maotai, Baijiu brother also said “Internet concept”?

Not only to fight for financial power, but also to fight quickly Via finally started to Maotai. With the approaching of the Spring Festival holiday, the market demand for liquor has generally picked up. High-end wines represented by Maotai have generally risen in the market. In some areas, Maotai Feitian has risen to nearly 3,000 yuan / bottle. At noon on January 9, the official public account of Wei Ya.. Read More

5 details you must know to upgrade your subscription message

Foreword WeChat officials have adjusted the distribution conditions of template messages in order to improve the experience of using template messages. The original template message will be upgraded to “subscription message”, and the template message interface will be offline on April 10, 2020 (new applets released after January 10, 2020 can only be used Subscription message), then the template message can no longer be pushed using the original interface, so.. Read More

Experience Sony 8K and OLED up close, TV sound and these new ways of playing

Sony There were many surprises at CES this year. Although the whole new product launch conference, Kenichiro Yoshida only took 30 minutes to give a speech, the shiny debut of “Sony Car” has become the highlight of this year’s CES. One of the products. But the highlights on Sony ’s booth are actually not only “Sony cars”, but also TVs that are full of the audience. This year Sony updated.. Read More

In-depth information | New report: 2020 demand for tablet PCs in China difficult to increase, unit prices will continue to increase

After four consecutive years of decline in China’s tablet computer market, it has entered a replacement cycle in 2019. 文 | Daily Commercial Picks New report: 2020 demand for tablet PCs in China is difficult to increase, unit prices will continue to increase The Chinese tablet PC market has entered a replacement cycle in 2019 after four consecutive years of decline. In this regard, IDC has forecasted the Chinese tablet.. Read More

Satellite TV shuffles again in 2019: Mango first, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai glued, the gap between the first and second line satellite TV is further widened

2019 ratings report Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account ” Entertainment and Commercial Observation “(ID: wenyushangyeguancha) , author Amu. In 2019, the final ratings of each David TV came out. Please see the reports sent back by each station: Hunan Satellite TV: In 2019, we will be the first in the world. Zhejiang Satellite TV: In 2019, we have the highest ratings in the three days of.. Read More

Read | Enterprise Management “Seven Deadly Sins”: What are the pits that senior entrepreneurs have fallen through?

This book answers the question of how to succeed in a world full of and disrupted by technological disruption. Editor’s note: Looking at the world’s leading companies, facing the disruptive wave caused by the digital revolution, some people are radical and conservative, but all companies that have successfully survived the transformation period, and even achieved new growth through transformation, They all have some similarities. What’s the secret? Are there some.. Read More

BAT’s 2020: Incumbent giants face newcomers to the Internet

What are the prospects of these three established giants in 2020? Editor’s note: This article from the public micro-channel number “iFeng Technology” (ID: ifeng_tech) , the author of Phoenix Network Technology Channel. In 2019, the fate of Chinese technology giants Baidu, Alibaba Group and Tencent Holdings (BAT) will be different. They all face a series of domestic problems and also have to deal with the test of the external environment… Read More

Zero Running Car: End of the game

data-w = “580” data-h = “435”> Changjiang EV Yi Cool The Cheung Kong Automobile behind EV Yi Cool is the foundry of Zero Run S01. S01 completes the production of body-in-white and three-electric parts in the zero-running self-built factory located in Jinhua, and the Changjiang Automobile Hangzhou factory performs final assembly. A fact that cannot be ignored is that, in addition to the foundry zero running S01, Changjiang Automobile also.. Read More