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H Hotel 3.0 settled in Nantong, “Yueyue Group” to open up the hotel industry chain

Hotel management, hotel ecology, and hotel finance are three parallel operations. Mid-end hotels have developed since 2013, and the penetration rate in first- and second-tier cities is high. However, in recent years, many mid-end brands have also been sinking into the market. . Mingyue Hotel Group was established in 2008. It is a chain hotel group that started in second and third tier cities. Yueyue Hotel Group has established self-built.. Read More

Giants come together, how to fight the Internet Spring Festival marketing war?

Reaching out to a wider crowd, embracing a bigger market Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account ” Zinc scale “(ID: znkedu) , author Li Yanlin, Meng Huiyuan, Chen Dengxin, Li Ji, editor Xu Wei. Authorized release. On January 13th, the fifth cycle of Alipay’s five blessing activities ushered in. It was also in January that smashed “ten billion yuan subsidies” in the Spring Festival snatch battle.. Read More

An in-depth analysis of Pinduoduo 10 billion subsidies

This article is from the WeChat public account: Supersymmetry (gh_124b62b52fa3) , author: supersymmetry team, from the title figure: Figure worm ………………………………………… “Have the ability to do three-point work and seek twelve-point growth.” Under the guidance of Huang Ye’s strategic thinking, Pinduoduo’s ongoing 10 billion subsidy is a strategic tactical action intended to pass violently Subsidies have penetrated into users in first- and second-tier cities, established consumer trust between these users.. Read More

Netflix makes history again: this year’s Oscar gets the most nominations among all filmmakers

Netflix received 24 nominations for the 2020 Academy Awards, surpassing any Hollywood film and television company in the industry this year. Netflix’s achievements demonstrate Oscar and the new attitude of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to online video services. Editor’s note: This article is from “Tencent Technology” , reproduced with permission. In the film submitted by Netflix, the gangster epic “Irish” of the famous director Martin Scorsese.. Read More

The state issued a document to encourage the “reverse spring festival”, and the Chinese people’s migration methods are undergoing drastic changes.

This article is from WeChat public account: City Wars (sunbushu123) , author: Sun unfamiliar, from the title figure: Figure worm Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission and other nine ministries and commissions jointly issued the “Opinions on Doing a Good Job in the Spring Festival Transport of 2020”. I think there are two important pieces of information that deserve attention. First, it is pointed out that with the more.. Read More

Tesla’s stock price exceeds $ 500, air-conditioning heating will be charged; Zhang Chaoyang: Sohu has no plans to return to Hong Kong

Good Tuesday, let’s see what’s new today ~ The latest situation of the collapse of Qinghai bus station @ 彭湃 新闻 【 The number of people missing from the road collapse in Xining South Street rose to 10, the hospital Admitted 15 people ] At 3:21 am on the 14th, the Xining Municipal Government Information Office and Xining Municipal Emergency Management Bureau jointly held a second press conference and said.. Read More