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Shenzhen leads and Zhuhai rises. How can the Greater Bay Area stabilize the “chassis”?

The Greater Bay Area, which is close to 1/10 of the nation ’s industrial economy, is at a new crossroads. Editor’s note: This article comes from Daily Economic News author: Yang abandon Africa, the authorized reprint In 2020, manufacturing will remain an important issue for Chinese cities. On January 3, the first issue of the first executive meeting of the State Council in 2020 focused on the steady growth of.. Read More

Stanford University study: Isn’t 37 ℃, human body temperature is quietly getting lower?

This article comes from WeChat public account: New medical perspective (ID: HealthHorizon) , author: new medical point of view, from the title figure: Figure worm 37 ° C, which is the temperature value we have been familiar with since childhood, and is an important indicator to help us determine whether we are sick. However, according to a new study published by Stanford University, this standard may no longer apply in.. Read More

Didi Zhang Bo: How is CTO made?

Establish a system to continue to cultivate outstanding CTOs who can act independently and deliver them to various businesses. The author Zhang Bo Bob, Didi CTO The original intention of writing this article In the next ten years, two things will not change for Didi: Business will become more diversified and global; Technology will irresistibly become the core engine of value creation and the core barrier against competition. Didi needs.. Read More

The strictest credit information system in history is about to go online?

This article is from the WeChat public account: MizhaiPlus , author: Feng Hui, from the title figure: Figure worm …………………………………… 1 New year and new weather, this is not just a few days after New Year’s Day, all kinds of heavy information comes one after another! The most important thing for our people is the news that the second-generation personal credit information system will be launched soon. In fact, as.. Read More

Provide effective pricing technology for hotels? Spanish tourism technology company “Beonprice” raises $ 2.8 million in Series A funding

European B2B accommodation tourism technology market. According to foreign media TechEU , Spain Beonprice has raised € 2.5 million (approximately $ 2.8 million) in Series A funding, led by Adara Ventures. This round of financing will be used to develop new products, consolidate its business in key markets in Spain and Latin America, and continue to expand its business in the European market. Beonprice is a hotel real-time pricing system.. Read More

Goodbye, Win7; goodbye, I am young for ten years

Which Microsoft operating system do you like best? Editor’s note: This article is from “ZDNet” , Author: Jing Jing, Produced by: Netease Science and Technology “State ℃” column group. Authorized release. Win7, end of life. From today, Microsoft officially stopped supporting Win7 and will not provide security patches or updates. However, for enterprise users who are still paying, Microsoft will continue to provide Win7 update services, not personal users. This.. Read More

Operating a Personal Game Store in the United States

Physical games always have their value, but this is not enough to feed a physical game store. Editor’s note: This article is from WeChat public account Touch Music (ID: chuappgame). author: PHILLIP MOYER Author 丨 Wait “You must not have seen this, you can only find photos online.” Brian Marks smiled proudly while waving the latest gadget in his hand. Max is the owner of Game Repair, a Las Vegas.. Read More

Please give me these 100 prototype drawings before work

Two days ago, the design circle became hot, and a CEO asked the designer to complete 150 designs in one day. Editor’s note: This article comes from WeChat public account “Dead Leaf Cafe” . Introduction In the last two days, the design circle became hot. A CEO asked a designer to complete 150 design drawings in one day, which caused public outrage. Although I am not a designer, product managers.. Read More

First Launch | “Taosi Data” Receives Pre-A Round Investment of Nearly Ten Million Dollars from GGV, Develops Open Source IoT Big Data Platform TDengine

On July 12, 2019, Taosi Data 100% open sourced the TDengine kernel (storage and computing engine) and community edition. It is learned that TAOS Data recently announced the completion of the Pre-A round of nearly ten million US dollars financing, led by GGV Jiyuan Capital, Sequoia China Seed Fund, Yong Pfizer followed suit. This round of financing is mainly used to further polish products, establish sales and technical support teams,.. Read More

Smartphone is a diamond ring for young Koreans

The article is from WeChat public account: Dr. X (ID: doctorx666) , author: Puppy, from the title figure: Figure worm Now, if you are a Korean boy and want to marry a beloved girl, the thing you should take out is not a diamond ring, but a smart phone. According to locals in North Korea, if a young girl is not yet married but has a smartphone, then there is.. Read More